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Psychology Special Topics Courses Offered in Summer 2021 – Registration Now Open!

Multiple Special Topics Courses are being offered for the Summer 2021 sessions, and registration is open NOW!

Benefits of taking Summer courses:

  • Summer sessions allow students to take a few classes at a time and to explore exciting electives to make progress toward their degree.
  • Summer course fees are more cost-effective in comparison to Fall and Spring course fees.
  • Special Course Topics are generally only offered in the Summer.
  • Summer courses are a great way for students to fulfill prerequisits and degree requirements to remain on track, or even graduate early!

Below you will find a list of Special Topic Courses that are being offered this summer:

  • PSYC 397 Lifespan Development Session Code: 5W1 SEC 4001 Credits: 3 LEC 06/01/2021-07/03/2021 06/01/2021 – 07/03/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE Instructor: Cynthia Campbell DESCRIPTION: Lifespan development is the study of the sequences and processes underlying human development from the prenatal period to death. Students will learn about the interconnectedness of biological, social and cultural influences on physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Students will also learn the research techniques used to study development and the practical applications of developmental research.
  • PSYC 497 Intro to Qualitative Research Session Code: 5W1 SEC 4004 Credits: 3 LEC 06/01/2021-07/03/2021 06/01/2021 – 07/03/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE Instructor: Sandina Begic DESCRIPTION: This course will provide an overview of qualitative research methods in social sciences. Qualitative research can be paired with quantitative research or utilized as an independent method of inquiry. In this introductory course, we will examine the foundations of qualitative research and learn about the application of this research approach and its strengths and weaknesses. The most commonly used qualitative research approaches will be discussed, including case study and ethnographic research, among others.
  • PSYC 497 Mental Health: BioPsySoc Model  Session Code: 3W2 SEC 4001 Credits: 3 LEC 07/26/2021-08/15/2021 07/26/2021 – 08/15/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE  Instructor: Theodore McDonald DESCRIPTION: A phenomenological exploration of the childfree choice in a sample of Australian women. The course will explore the myriad factors that affect human mental health and social functioning, including those that are biological (e.g., neurotransmitters, hormones), psychological (e.g., cognitive processes, coping skills) and social/environmental (e.g., attachment, community support, poverty).  Explicit focus will be on how to use what we know to make the world a better, more mentally healthy place.
  • PSYC 497 Peace Psychology Session Code: 3W1 SEC 4003 Credits: 3 LEC 05/10/2021-05/30/2021 05/10/2021 – 05/30/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE Instructor: Sandina Begic DESCRIPTION: This course will provide students with an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of peace psychology, an area of psychology that is concerned with understanding the basis of conflict and the persistent need for peace in all spheres of human life. Peace psychology is a discipline that draws on various aspects of psychology as well as other fields of study, such as history, international relations, and sociology, among others. In this course, you will be introduced to the topics of peace and conflict across a range of international (between nations), societal (between groups within a society), and personal (between individuals and within ourselves) settings.
  • PSYC 497 Psychology of Aging Session Code: 5W2 SEC 4002 Credits: 3 LEC 07/06/2021-08/08/2021 07/06/2021 – 08/08/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE Instructor: Tyrin Stevenson DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students with an overview and introduction to the aging process from a psychological perspective. Course content will focus on the behavioral and cognitive changes that occur during the normal aging process. Older adults are more relevant within our society as we have ever seen (i.e. “Baby Boomers”, we are living longer, advancements in healthcare). This means that a slight shift in focus toward the older adult population is imminent. Topics covered in the course include: – Age differences in learning, memory, perceptual and intellectual abilities – Investigating the physiological, cognitive, sensory, personality and interpersonal changes that occur with aging – Major theories and stereotypes about aging and older adults – A look into cognitive disorders associated with aging – Personal transitions in later life (i.e. social relationships, isolation, independence, sexuality, death and dying).
  • PSYC 497 The Helping Profession Career Session Code:14W SEC 4005 Credits: 3 LEC 05/10/2021-08/15/2021 05/10/2021 – 08/15/2021 ECAMPUS ONLINE Instructor: Crista Murray DESCRIPTION: This course will expand on Psychology as a Profession course concepts and take a deep dive into the intricacies of preparing for a career in the helping professions. This will include emphasis on resume development, interview skills, and understanding the business aspects of this field. We will focus on professional development as well as skill building throughout your career. This course will also focus on all aspects of self-care and self-awareness necessary to be successful in the helping professions. 

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