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Take PSYC 271: Human Relationships THIS SUMMER!

Hands making a heart around a setting sun

Maximize your time this summer and take PSYC 271!

What is PSYC 271: Human Relationships?

This course focuses on the study of individual sexuality as well as the dynamics of close relationships from a variety of psychological perspectives. Topics covered include sexuality development, sexual behavior, initial attraction, dating patterns, long-term relationships, familial relationships, intimacy and communication, domestic violence, and relationship development. PREREQ: PSYC 101.

This course:

  • Comprehensively covers the human lifespan
  • Uses effective methods of team-based learning
  • Focuses on Scientific applications
  • Utilizes personal reflections

Currently, section 001 is available remotely as a 3 credit, 3-week course taught by Dr. Henderson from 5/10/2021 – 5/30/2021. This fast-paced course meets each day from Monday through Friday at 11:40AM until 2:25PM. This is the only PSYC 271 section offered this summer.

Benefits for taking PSYC 271 this summer:

In order to earn the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree, psychology majors are required to complete a course in the individual differences cluster. PSYC 271 fills this degree requirement. Completing this requirement as a summer class is a great way to reduce your course-load and relieve some of the stress that comes along with your other semesters.

Moreover, taking a summer course can help you reach your graduation goal faster and more flexibly, concentrate on one class at a time, and complete prerequisites before the fall semester. Summer classes are a great way to save money, since summer per-credit rates are less than fall and spring per-credit rates for regular fee classes and programs! Summer financial aid is also available! Learn more about summer financial aid here.