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IT’S NOT TO LATE TO REGISTER FOR SUMMER COURSES! Check out these available classes being taught this Summer ’21.

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Registration is still open for Summer 2021, but classes are quickly filling up!

Why should you take a summer course?

Do not miss out on your chance to maximize your summer by taking summer courses. Taking summer courses is an excellent option to help relieve some of the stress that comes along with your other semesters. Taking summer courses can help you reach your graduation goal faster and more flexibly, concentrate on one class at a time, and complete prerequisites before fall semester. Summer classes are a great way to save money, since summer per-credit rates are less than fall and spring per-credit rates for regular fee classes and programs! Summer financial aid is also available.

Here are a few courses that are still available for Summer enrollment:

PSYC 405 Advanced Statistical Methods

Advanced topics in univariate statistics (for example, repeated measures designs) and multivariate techniques such as discriminant analysis, factor analysis, and principal component analysis. PREREQ: PSYC 321 or equivalent, upper-division standing, or PERM/INST.

  • Section 4001 is available online as a 3 credit, 5-week course taught by Professor Harless from 6/01/2021 – 7/03/2021

PSYC 295 Statistical Methods

Statistical concepts and methods commonly used in treatment of data in the social sciences. Topics covered will include: measures of central tendency and of variability, correlation measures, probability, and analysis of variance. PREREQ: PSYC 101.

  • Section 002 is available in-person as a 3 credit, 3-week course taught by Professor Campbell from 5/10/2021 – 05/30/2021

PSYC 271 Human Relationships

The study of individual sexuality as well as the dynamics of close relationships from a variety of psychological perspectives. Topics covered include sexuality development, sexual behavior, initial attraction, dating patterns, long-term relationships, familial relationships, intimacy and communication, domestic violence, and relationship development. PREREQ: PSYC 101.

  • Section 001 is available remotely as a 3 credit, 3-week course taught by Professor Henderson from 5/10/2021 – 5/30/2021

Available Special Topics Summer Courses:

PSYC 497 Mental Health: BioPsySoc Model (section 4001)

The course will explore the myriad factors that affect human mental health and social functioning, including those that are biological (e.g., neurotransmitters, hormones), psychological (e.g., cognitive processes, coping skills) and social/environmental (e.g., attachment, community support, poverty). Explicit focus will be on how to use what we know to make the world a better, more mentally healthy place.

  • This 3-week, 3 credit course is offered online from 7/26/2021 – 8/15/2021. The course will be instructed by Professor McDonald.

PSYC 497 Peace Psychology (section 4003)

This course will provide students with an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of peace psychology, an area of psychology that is concerned with understanding the basis of conflict and the persistent need for peace in all spheres of human life. Peace psychology is a discipline that draws on various aspects of psychology as well as other fields of study, such as history, international relations, and sociology, among others. In this course, you will be introduced to the topics of peace and conflict across a range of international (between nations), societal (between groups within a society), and personal (between individuals and within ourselves) settings.

  • This 3-week, 3 credit course is offered online from 5/10/2021 – 5/30/2021. The course will be instructed by Professor Begic.

Have Questions?

To learn more about the summer sessions, visit and check out the Summer FAQs.

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