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Need Work Experience? Internships in PSYC Available!

Boise State University

Looking for Work Experience? Apply for an Internship!

Internship check list: Skills, learn, goals, experience, development

Need work experience, or looking for an opportunity to network with professionals in the industry you’re interested in? Consider applying for an internship! 

Internships can be completed for upper-division credit through the Department of Psychological Science, and are a great way to gain practical, hands-on work experience, as well as to add to your CV or resume.

Why do an Internship?

  • Gain work experience
  • Develop skills that employers are looking for
  • Network and make valuable connections
  • Explore a potential career path, industry, or organization

How to Find an Internship

1. Search for internships on Handshake, Boise State’s employment program.

  • Handshake is where many students find internship opportunities, and is a great place to start.

2. Search Boise State’s database of previous internships.

  • On search for past internship report, you can look through the internship experiences of previous students, as well as a list of programs that have partnered with Boise State in the past and would likely be willing to work with students.

3. Seek out your own opportunity!

  • Students who have a clear idea of what they’d like to do for an internship may benefit from contacting people in the community and organizations where they’d like to work.

I Found an Internship – Now What?

Once you’ve found an opportunity that is a good fit for you, you’ll need to reach out to the organization and negotiate an internship with them.

Once you’ve secured the internship opportunity, fill out the Internship for Credit application. Once completed, your application will be received by Dr. Campbell, the department’s Internship Coordinator.

More Information?

For more information about internships, visit Internships. For more information about completing an internship for credit through the Department of Psychological Science, visit Internships and Other Experiential Opportunities.