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Interview with Professor Craig Laudicina – Mental Health Coordinator for the Boise Police Department

Professor Laudicina has been a valued adjunct instructor for The Department of Psychological Science since 2014, where his dedication to Boise State and his students has had a significant and lasting impact on educational outcomes. His students know him as an instructor for courses such as PSYC 301 – Abnormal Psychology, PSYC 357 – Introduction to Counseling Skills, or PSYC 431 – Social Psychology; however, his work and dedication to his community do not stop there. In July, 2021, Dr. Laudicina also joined the Boise Police Department’s Behavioral Health Response Team as a civilian Mental Health Coordinator! KTVB now interviewed him to introduce him, his team, and their mission to the greater Boise community.

“We don’t meet people on their best day, we meet people on their worst days a lot of times and having someone there to address that mental health component can be huge. I think the highest call for service we get here at the department is mental health-related calls or at least have that component. When you’re in crisis, it feels like the most awful thing that’s happened to you and knowing that there are people in the community that really do want to help and offer you these services or even just sit there and talk to you for a minute that exists, not only in our department but a lot of our community partners” – Professor Laudicina

The Mental Health Response Team is comprised of two behavioral health officers and two mental health coordinators. As part of this team, Professor Laudicina responds to mental health-related calls and develops and provides officers with critical crisis intervention and de-escalation training.

Watch the interview here: KTVB interviews Professor Craig Laudicina

“Boise is innovative and it’s an amazing city and we have this opportunity to incorporate clinicians into crisis response and to alleviate some of the issues we see in our community.” – Professor Laudicina