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Meet Michelle Tassinari – Outreach and Prevention Case Manager

Michelle Tassinari, a Psychological Science alum and former PSI CHI Vice President, serves as an Outreach and Prevention Case Manager within Boise State’s Office of the Dean of Students. After earning her B.S. in psychology, Michelle earned an M.A. in Counselor Education, which opened the door for her to make a lasting impact in her academic community by providing mental health services to students in crisis. Michelle advocates for suicide prevention and mental health awareness and specializes in mental health skill and intervention training and post-hospitalization support.

“One attempt is too much, but our community needs to understand that this isn’t some far-fetched thing that’s happening,” Michelle said about her efforts. “Suicide is a preventable thing. Prevention, community, and access to resources are actionable steps we can take to prevent suicide on our campus.”


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