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Be a Better Applicant: Enroll in PSYC 297 This Spring!

Enroll in PSYC 297 and Gain Highly Desirable Experience with R Statistical Software!

What is PSYC 297?

PSYC 297 is a 1-credit Special Topics course being offered during the Spring 2022 semester that will offer an introduction to the statistical software R! The class will meet once a week on Mondays, from 10:30 AM to 11:20 AM.

Why Enroll in PSYC 297?

If you are planning on attending graduate school, you may know that many universities are moving away from SPSS and are using R exclusively, so it is something you will likely encounter in the future.

Not only is experience with R desirable in graduate school admissions and the job market, but the software is free to use! Rather than having to pay an expensive annual fee, you can learn to use this up-and-coming program at no cost on your personal device.

Additionally, R allows you to code HTML pages and presentations, other valuable skills to have in the professional world and graduate programs!

Basic computer programming skills and knowledge of R are highly valuable and sought-after skills for graduate school applicants, and in the workforce. Plus, the R program is free to use! 
To enroll, search for PSYC 297 under the “Class Search and Enroll” function in your Boise State student center.