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These Classes Begin May 31st: Register Now!

These Classes Begin May 31st: Register Now!

Why should I take Summer classes?

Taking Summer classes can help you reach your graduation goal faster, allow you to concentrate on one class at a time, and allow you to complete prerequisites before the start of the Fall semester. Summer classes are also a great way to save money, as Summer per-credit rates are less than Fall and Spring per-credit rates for regular classes. Summer financial aid is also available.

The sections listed below begin May 31st, so register ASAP!

What classes can I take this Summer?

PSYC 120: Introduction to the Psychology Major (2 credits)

This course is designed to orient the prospective psychology major to the field of psychology and to inform the student about academic requirements, expectations, opportunities, career options and limitations. PREREQ: PSYC 101.

  • Section 4001: Online, 5-week course taught by Dr. Landrum (05/31/22-07/03/22).

PSYC 290: Psychology of Eating (3 credits)

The psychological processes underlying human development of eating behaviors and the adoption of both healthy and unhealthy cognitions and behaviors concerning food, eating, and body image. Issues addressed include: food choice, food preferences, eating motivation, cultural influences, weight regulation, body image, dieting, obesity, eating disorders, and treatment. PREREQ: PSYC 101.

  • Section 4001: Online, 5-week course taught by Dr. Pritchard (05/31/22-07/03/22).

PSYC 357: Introduction to Counseling Skills (3 credits)

Explores relevant dimensions of the helping relationship, especially the role of the helper. Emphasis will be on developing effective communication and fundamental counseling skills. PREREQ: PSYC 301, upper-division standing.

  • Section 4001: Online, 5-week course taught by Dr. McDonald (05/31/22-07/03/22)

PSYC 405: Advanced Statistical Methods (3 credits)

Advanced topics in univariate statistics (for example, repeated measures designs) and multivariate techniques such as discriminant analysis, factor analysis, and principal component analysis. PREREQ: PSYC 321 or equivalent, upper-division standing, or PERM/INST.

  • Section 4001: Online, 5-week course taught by Professor Harless (05/31/22-07/03/22)

Special Topics Summer Courses

Special topics courses are a great way to fill your upper-division elective requirements! These courses introduce interesting, diverse subjects that are not routinely offered to students. Special topics courses are typically offered one-time-only, so be sure to register while you can!

What special topics classes can I take this Summer?

PSYC 497: Lifespan Development (3 credits)

This course is an approved substitute for PSYC 309 or 310 for the Psychology major and minor!
Lifespan development is the study of the sequences and processes underlying human development from the prenatal period to death. Students will learn about the interconnectedness of biological, social and cultural influences on physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Students will also learn the research techniques used to study development and the practical applications of developmental research.

  • Section 4002: Online, 5-week course taught by Dr. Campbell (05/31/22-07/03/22).

PSYC 497: Psychology of Aging  (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with an overview and introduction to the aging process from a psychological perspective. Course content will focus on the behavioral and cognitive changes that occur during the normal aging process. Topics covered in the course include: – Ages differences in learning, memory, perceptual and intellectual abilities – Investigating the physiological, cognitive, sensory, personality and interpersonal changes that occur with aging – Major theories and stereotypes about aging and older adults – A look into cognitive disorders associated with aging – Personal transitions in later life (i.e. social relationships, isolation, independence, sexuality, death and dying).

  • Section 4001: Online, 5-week course taught by Professor Stevenson (05/31/22-07/03/22).
Calendar of summer dates
Workshops and Special Session courses start at various dates throughout the summer ranging from 3 to 14 weeks. Sessions start May 9th, May 31st, June 27th, July 5th, and July 25th

To learn more about Summer classes, visit Boise State Summer Sessions!