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Stay Motivated During Summer Classes – Tips & Tricks

Stay Motivated During Your Summer Classes

Student lays on an orange blanket next to a river, working on a laptop

It can be difficult to stay motivated while taking Summer classes. Below, the PSYC Advising Team has provided some strategies to help you stay on track and crush your Summer classes!

Break It Down

If possible, break down your assignments into smaller tasks. Assign yourself a task, or a few tasks, each day so that your work load is more manageable. It’s also satisfying to cross items off your to-do list as you complete them.

Stick to a Routine

Creating a routine and sticking to it can help make it easier to accomplish your school work. Block out time to work on assignments, but also make time during your day for other activities you enjoy.

Find a Comfortable Workspace

Find a place to work that is comfortable and will limit distractions, whether that be at home or somewhere else. If you’re staying in Boise this Summer, the SUB and Albertson’s Library are both open through August.

Reward Yourself

When you meet a goal, take time to reward yourself. Whether it’s with a quick walk, or with 30 minutes on your phone, it’s important to take a break and step away from your school work periodically.

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