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Volunteer with GIVE

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Volunteer in Hawai’i, Tanzania, Thailand, Laos, and Nicaragua with GIVE!

As a GIVE volunteer, you will get to work alongside host communities on wildlife conservation, English education, eco-friendly infrastructure, women’s empowerment, regenerative agriculture, marine conservation, and forest restoration projects.

You will also get to expand your comfort zone and embark on epic adventures like an African safari, trekking with elephants, sandboarding down an active volcano, scuba diving with turtles, dolphins, and sharks, whitewater and bamboo rafting, whale-watching, and so much more!

All of GIVE’s trips are designed to ensure that your presence in their host countries and communities is environmentally conscious, economically empowering, and socially responsible.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this opportunity, you can submit an application at

If you would like more information, GIVE ambassador Anthony is available by phone (905) 808-7119 or email