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Welcome, Dr. Sydney Boutros – Assistant Professor in The Department of Psychological Science

Sydney Boutros portrait

Dr. Sydney Boutros is a Behavioral Neuroscientist, who joined Boise State’s Department of Psychological Science in Fall 2022. She’s developed her expertise in the field both in the lab (receiving her Ph.D. in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience at the Oregon Health & Science University) and in life (wrangling a very stubborn lab-border collie mutt).

Her primary field of research is learning and memory—specifically, exploring its underlying mechanisms to investigate cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration. She has been at the forefront of a novel hypothesis: that neural activity leads to memory formation via DNA breaks, thereby inducing gene expression.

Beyond her research, Dr. Boutros enjoys finding fun ways to bring neuroscience to the public. She collaborates with local artists, puts on talks at community events, and shares the joy of neuroscience with underserved populations.

Dr. Boutros is dedicated to the growing interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and strongly believes in the importance of collaboration. If you are interested in working with her or want to discuss project ideas, please contact her via email.

Welcome video for Dr. Sydney Boutros

In this video Dr. Sydney Boutros talks about her research interests and educational history (closed captioning provided).