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Isolation In Place

If you test positive for COVID-19 and you have your own bedroom (do not share bedroom space) in a residence hall, you will need to isolate yourself in your assigned suite to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

If you prefer to complete your self-isolation period in an alternative location (i.e., with nearby family), you must inform Boise State Public Health of your plans ( and remain off campus until you have been cleared for return by Boise State Public Health. In an effort to avoid further transmission, Boise State Public Health strongly discourages individuals from traveling by public transportation if choosing to isolate off campus. 

When in isolation in your room/suite on campus you may not leave your room except while masked to pick up an isolation kit, retrieve food deliveries/pick up food (see instructions below), use the bathroom, or for a medical appointment.


You will receive an email from Public Health with specific guidance. Be sure to review the following points: 

      • How to take care of yourself in isolation and how to manage symptoms   
      • Your end of isolation date, subject to change
      • Boise State’s clearance from isolation protocol

We ask that you notify any roommates that you are isolating in place so that they are able to take precautions to avoid becoming sick with COVID.

The following groups will also be notified (you will be included on all communications sent) to ensure that you receive the support that you need during your isolation period and to prevent possible spread to others who you are living with. 

      • Your faculty and the Office of the Dean of Students (if you’re enrolled in classes)
      • Your supervisor (if you’re employed on campus)

Isolation Support

Work with Boise State Public Health at (208) 426-2968 or to get connected with campus health care providers, to request assistance accessing food, to receive a campus isolation kit (containing KN95 masks, disposable single-use thermometers, hand sanitizer, and information on how to connect with University Health Services), and to access additional medical supplies.  Team members are available to support you weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • You may temporarily leave isolation to pick up food on campus.  Please wear a good fitting mask, practice social distancing, do not eat with others (take your food back to your room), and pre-order your meals with Boost to reduce the amount of time you are around others.

  • Contactless grocery and food delivery services are available as another food option during isolation. Grocery services are offered locally by vendors such as Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and Whole Foods. You may also arrange for contactless delivery from a friend or family member. Deliveries can be made to the following address: 1910 Boise Avenue, 83706.

  • Delivery of packages and mail other than groceries should be limited to essential items only during your isolation period. If you are notified to retrieve a delivered package with important contents, contact the Resident Director associated with your housing community.

  • If you need assistance accessing food during your isolation period, contact Boise State Public Health at (208) 426-2968 or

Common Areas

Avoid all common areas such as shared restrooms, living rooms and dining areas to the degree that you can, especially while others are in the common areas.  If you are in a common area, all persons should wear a KN95 and you should take extra steps to wipe down any shared surfaces using sanitizing wipes prior to exiting the common space and returning to your room.  

You may not do laundry in a commonly shared laundry room until cleared to return to in-person campus activities by Boise State Public Health.


In order to end isolation in place and return to all in-person campus activities you will need to complete the Boise State Public Health clearance process.