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Resilience Planning at Boise State: COVID-19 Update from Provost’s Office

This email was sent to all faculty and staff in Academic Affairs

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you’re aware, significant planning and preparation activities have been underway in anticipation of potential impacts of COVID-19 on our campus. To date, over forty colleges and universities in the United States have closed their campuses or significantly modified their day-to-day operations in response to confirmed cases of the coronavirus. More will do so in the days and weeks to come.

We are in the fortunate position of having no confirmed cases anywhere within the state. This fact affords us the opportunity to plan and prepare in ways that many other universities were not able.

To this end, the President and Executive Team have targeted this Friday to conduct a one-day test of systems readiness for moving from in-person instruction to online.

All in-person, scheduled campus classes this Friday (March 13) are required to be conducted remotely, not on campus.

This includes:

  • Undergraduate and graduate for-credit and not-for-credit classroom classes
  • Lab-based classes
  • Studio-based classes
  • Field-based classes

The following classes and academic activities are not affected by this test and will proceed as usual:

  • Online classes
  • Concurrent enrollment/dual-credit classes in high schools
  • Clinical activities in healthcare settings
  • Student teacher activities in school district classrooms

To reiterate: any class that is scheduled to meet in-person on campus this Friday is included in the one-day test for online delivery. All other standard campus operations will proceed as usual.

Conducting a controlled-environment test will allow us to identify functional gaps in our infrastructure and processes so that we’re better prepared for any near-term impacts to our campus by COVID-19. As an additional benefit, it will position us to respond to any other future emergency that could close campus and require us to work remotely.

For a very user-friendly guide to the resources available to support online course delivery, see the document prepared by the CTL, eCampus Center, and Learning Technology Solutions. In addition, the CTL is hosting drop-in hours for Blackboard support throughout this week and next.

A separate communication will be going out directly to students to inform them that classes will not be held on campus Friday. Affected faculty are advised to initiate contact with their enrolled students through Blackboard or preferred platform prior to Friday to communicate any relevant details that are specific to the course in question. Affected faculty are also encouraged to provide information to campus leaders through this feedback form regarding significant obstacles or needs that are identified during the one-day test.

Thank you for your participation in these important preparation efforts and for your ongoing support of our campus community.



Dr. Tony Roark
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs