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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Student information for Friday’s online course test

This message was sent to all students

In order to plan for any unexpected disruption to our campus, from natural disasters to extreme weather to the possible impact of the coronavirus, Boise State is moving all classroom based courses on-line for one day this Friday, March 13, 2020.

At this time there are still no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Idaho. This is intended to be a systems test, and classes will return to their regular schedule and location on Monday, March 16.

Please thoroughly review this message for important instructions and guidance for this Friday.

All in-person, scheduled campus classes this Friday (March 13) are required to be conducted remotely, not on campus.

This includes:

  • Undergraduate and graduate for-credit and not-for-credit classroom classes
  • Lab-based classes
  • Studio-based classes
  • Field-based classes

Your course instructors will or have communicated with you by email or in person about electronic access points they plan to use to hold their class. Contact your individual instructor by email if you have questions about a course.

We encourage all students to access their courses from their residence. If you have a work schedule, commitments, or internet accessibility concerns that make access difficult, you should use campus access points in the Library, Student Union Building, ZONES in the ILC and SUB, or a computer lab.

The following classes and academic activities are not affected by this test and will proceed as usual:

  • Online classes
  • Concurrent enrollment/dual-credit classes in high schools
  • Clinical activities in healthcare settings
  • Student teacher activities in school district classrooms

The Testing Center, Library, dining centers and food services will all remain open on Friday, as will university offices and services including the Bookstore, Student Health Services, Student Union Building, and the Student Recreation Center.

If you hold a campus job please report to work as scheduled. If you have questions about your work schedule contact your supervisor. All other campus events, with the exception of classes as noted above, will continue as planned.

As you navigate the campus over the next many weeks, I encourage you to continue to use good health practices such as maintaining appropriate distancing during social interactions, handwashing, and monitoring your own health for symptoms of the virus.

Students or those with family members who have underlying health concerns should take necessary precautions when attending class, participating in large events, and check with your doctor if you have questions or concerns on the potential impact of the virus. General information about Boise State’s response to the virus and links to other public health resources can be found here.

Christian Wuthrich, Ph.D.
Dean of Students