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Boise State Plan for Reintegration

This message was sent to all students, faculty and staff

In anticipation of forthcoming changes to the Governor’s stay home order, the following information is being provided to the campus community regarding the university’s reintegration plans — meaning how we safely scale back up to a fully open campus.

In March, the university announced that all summer courses would be delivered remotely, allowing students, faculty and staff to continue social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Campus activities and events have been suspended until at least July 5 and only a skeleton crew of essential employees are working on campus. A small number of students are still living in campus housing, but food service has been suspended and most campus buildings remain closed.

In order to do our utmost to keep members of our community healthy, the university will gradually increase the number of employees working on campus in the coming months as long as we can do so safely. The university’s goal is to resume as many face-to-face courses this fall as we are able to with appropriate social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols. The uncertainty of the coming months also require faculty and staff to be prepared for the possibility of disruption to the fall semester. With that in mind, the university is making additional investments in faculty development and infrastructure improvements to enhance courses delivered remotely. We plan to welcome residential students back with well-defined plans for preventing and mitigating surges of COVID-19 cases.

In an effort to maximize our ability to limit close contact between students, faculty, staff and visitors, the university is carefully considering whether and how to allow events on campus. It is not yet clear whether NCAA fall sports will go on as scheduled, and if so, whether there will be limitations on fans attending games or competitions.

The reintegration process is being overseen by a campus committee with guidance from public health experts, state and local government officials, and other subject matter experts. By May 25, the committee will provide more specific information on the reintegration plan, including:

A detailed timeline for scaling up to a limited on-campus presence of student support services staff in offices such as Financial Aid, Registrar, Academic Advising, Student Financial Services, and Career Services.
Plans for reopening student housing and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 among residential students and staff.
A strategy for offering lower-density, face-to-face classes on campus paired with robust online instructional capabilities to be maximally responsive to student needs and safety requirements.
A blueprint for safely resuming campus-based research activity.
Information regarding NCAA athletic programs, including anticipated practice schedules, if available.
Information regarding how the university will use diagnostic and antibody testing, contact tracing, personal protective equipment, quarantine protocols, and other infection mitigation strategies to proactively limit transmission of COVID-19.
Contingency plans in the event of a resurgence of COVID-19 cases during fall term.
An update on how and when the university will host events on campus.

Until the reintegration plan is finalized and communicated, all employees currently working remotely should continue to do so unless an exception is approved by their division’s vice president. Similarly, students should continue to access services in the same ways they have for the last month.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our community healthy and safe. Take good care of yourselves, your family, and your friends.