Opt-In for BroncoAlert

Opt-in to Bronco Alert TodayBroncoAlert

BroncoAlert is Boise State University’s emergency notification system to broadcast messages throughout the University. University Emergency Management will only send messages through BroncoAlert for urgent situations that could impact the safety of lives and protection of property.

BroncoAlert is a phone and text-based system allowing the university to proactively notify students, faculty, and staff when an emergency is taking place on or near campus. BroncoAlert will only be used in critical situations, including weather emergencies with the potential to affect health or safety. For more information visit

How do I Opt-In to BroncoAlert?

  1. Log into myBoiseState
  2. Go to Student View
  3. Go to Services
  4. Go to Student Center
  5. Click Self Service then click “Update Personal Information”
  6. Click on “BroncoAlert”
  7. Add your mobile device to the “Cell Phone” block in “Email / Text Messages” section

BroncoAlert is an Opt-In system; update your information on MY.BOISESTATE today so you can stay informed about emergencies impacting the campus.