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Parking Permit Renewals to Begin June 3

The renewal period for purchasing Boise State University parking permits opens Monday, June 3, 2019. The Boise State Department of Public Safety encourages all current Reserve, Commuter, Garage, and Accessible permit holders to renew their permits during the early renewal period. The remaining permit inventory will open to all students, faculty, and staff July 1. 

Those wishing to change permit locations will have the opportunity to do so beginning July 1st when the permit inventory opens to the entire campus. 

As a reminder, current Boise State 2018-19 permits expire August 11, 2019.

You may purchase your permit at

How to renew your permit:


  1. Log in using your Boise State login information.
  2. Verify your current vehicle and license plate information in the system. Update any information as needed (up to date information is required to purchase a permit).
  3. After verifying, select “Purchase a Permit” found in various locations within the portal.
  4. Select the 19-20 Academic Annual Term
  5. Purchase your permit in the zone(s) available to you.

Permits may also be purchased in person at the Boise State Transit Center, located in the Student Union Building.

For more information on campus parking, please visit