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New requirements from Public Health for travelers using Motor Pool vehicles

Upon a recent review of protocols by the President’s Office, it will now be acceptable to use campus vans, etc. as long as the following requirements are met by all travelers:
Facial Coverings are worn for the duration of travel. Two day minimum notice is now required for all reservation requests Within two days of the start of travel, a PCR test is performed and a negative, lab confirmed result is returned. Rapid antigen tests are not acceptable; a PCR test is required. PCR testing can be conducted at the Boise State COVID Testing Center.
Participating individuals can request exemptions from testing through Public Health. More information about exemptions and how to receive them can be found on the Testing and Quarantine Exemptions webpage.

In addition to traveler requirements, groups requesting campus vans, etc. should note the following:
Requests for group testing will need to be submitted to the Boise State COVID Testing Center at A group is considered more than 20 people.
Multi-day trips connected with provided transportation will need to have a plan in place on how to transport “home”/back any symptomatic or sick individuals.
Verification of testing will be the responsibility of the group organizing travel. Boise State and local public health contact tracers will quarantine all persons in the vehicle if it was later determined that a positive person was in the vehicle during their infectious period.

When an individual is tested at Boise State’s COVID Testing Center, they will receive an email confirming that they have been tested. This email can be shared with the group organizing travel to meet the testing verification requirement listed above. However, actual test results cannot be requested of individuals.
Any on-campus individual who tested positive will be contacted directly by Boise State Public Health.