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South Campus Street Parking Advisory July 20-27, 2021

Starting July 20, 2021 street parking will be changing permanently on the University-owned roads in the south section of campus. Parking in this area is being changed to include some No Parking zones and some South Commuter (SC) parking spaces. A South Commuter parking permit will be required to park in these areas going forward. Please reach out to our Transit Center at (208)426-7275 or for questions regarding a permit purchase.


Please see the below map for clarification of these upcoming changes.

Map - text description on page
  • Vermont Ave. -Will allow parking on the West side only from Belmont Dr. to Beacon St.
  • Manitou Ave.-Will allow parking on the East side only from University to Beacon St.
  • Grant Ave.-Will allow parking on the East side only from University to Beacon St.
  • Belmont Dr.-Will no longer allow street parking.

As these changes will take some time to implement we will be introducing them in stages. Parking signs, flagging, and/or barricades will be moved throughout this area from July 20- 27, 2021 to inform you as we close sections and work to finalize the changes.

Please continue to watch your email for updates on this project.  Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation in not entering the closed portion of the roadways.  Your partnership will ensure the success of this project.

If you have any questions about how your access may be impacted, please contact the Transit Center at (208) 426-7275 or by email at

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