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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Costs

These are approximate costs for 2023-2024. The total approximate cost for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is $13,426 – $22,966.  Review the information provided for details on the approximate costs by semester.

Professional Year Costs

DescriptionFall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer SemesterNotes
University Fees$4,182$4,182$1,833University Fees change from year to year. This total is only an estimate based on 2023-2024 University Fee totals. University fees will increase; expect a 5-10% per year increase. Non residents pay $12,851 per semester for fees.
Overload Fees$252.00$252.00
Course Fees$465$360naLab fees will increase between first and second year, no greater than 50%
Background Check & Drug Testing$110$25naBackground check fees vary depending on the number of days since last background check.
Personal Health Testing/Vaccinations$100 - $200nanaOne time cost
Gas Mileage to Clinic (in or out of town)0 - $2,900$0 - $2,900$0 - $3,100Mileage is based on round trip from Boise State at a rate of 65.5 cents/mile. Closest is St. Lukes Boise at 5 miles round trip. Farthest is St. Alphonsus Ontario, Oregon at 116 miles round trip.
Uniform / Lab Jacket$30 - $70nanaOne time cost
CPR$50nanaRequired once per year
ARRT/ARDMS Test Fees$225 - 725
Total Fees$6,189 - $9,229$5,179 - $8,079$2,058 - $5,658