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Beck-Haas, Alison L.

Beck-Hass on snowy hill

In 1990, Alison received her M.S. in Raptor Biology from Boise State University, studying raptor rehabilitation.


Thesis Abstract

Thesis Research & Resulting Publications

In 1990, Alison was hired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Boise Field Office to do field work for an agricultural drainwater study and an island integrity study. During her time there, she worked on a wide variety of issues, among them wetland permitting, plant recovery planning, aquatic snail issues, Bald Eagle conservation, effects of land management actions on bull trout, reviewing hydropower license applications, and many other issues. She continued working with USFWS until 2008.

Over time, she developed expertise in environmental law and policy. For ten years, Alison was a manager with responsibility for all USFWS programs related to assessing the effects of federal actions on fish, wildlife, and plant resources.

Starting in 1996, she taught classes on Endangered Species Act Consultation at the FWS National Conservation Training Center; she also designed courses for the Center.  In 2000, she served a detail with the Boise National Forest as a Deputy Forest Supervisor.

In the mid-1990s, she and her husband began volunteering with Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity. After leaving USFWS in January 2008, she was able to increase her commitment to Habitat for Humanity by volunteering on the construction of a home that was awarded LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.  In 2008, she was hired as Assistant Manager of Habitat’s ReStore, a building materials thrift store that is a fund-raising enterprise for the organization.  In 2011, she was transferred to a fund-raising position for Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity where she writes grant proposals; campaigns for donations from individuals, businesses, and faith communities; and secures donations of building materials.  She also has responsibility for media and community relations.

Alison and Pat have two adult children and three grandchildren, all living in Boise.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and camping.