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Cinto Mejia, Elizeth – Landscape-Scale Manipulation of the Acoustic Environment Alters the Distribution of Breeding Birds and Arthropods

Elizeth Cinto Mejia with a raptor

Alumni Research

Research has shown that gas extraction activities negatively impact wildlife. We know that bird abundance and diversity are reduced near gas compressor stations, but no work has experimentally parsed out the role that compressor station noise alone plays in these effects.

As part of the Sensory Ecology Lab here at Boise State University, we have recreated the noise component of natural gas compressor stations, an important element of gas extraction fields, using speaker arrays at eight sites (plus 8 control sites) in the sagebrush steppe. At all these 16 locations, we are conducting point counts for birds. I want to know what the effects of increased sound levels are, and focus on the distribution of the bird community.


Visit ScholarWorks for the abstract of this thesis.

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