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Miller, Robert

Rob Miller with a Northern Goshawk
Robert Miller with a Northern Goshawk

In 2013, Robert received his M.S. in Raptor Biology and Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Analysis from Boise State University. Robert studied the breeding ecology of the Northern Goshawk within the northern Great Basin.


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Since graduation Robert has worked as a Research Biologist with Boise State University’s Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO). He has maintained his research emphasis on the Northern Goshawk, leading the partnership with the Sawtooth National Forest and mentoring various student research projects.

In addition to goshawk work, Robert leads a number of projects including work with various woodpecker species, Short-eared Owls, and Black Swifts. He has published two papers on bird migration in North America. In the fall of 2014, he spent two months studying bird migration at the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, and has a research manuscript currently in review as a result of this work. In addition to leading IBO projects and participating in field work, Robert provides general GIS, data management, and data analysis support for the IBO team.


Jeffries, M. I., R. A. Miller, M. D. Laskowski, and J. D. Carlisle. 2015. High prevalence of Leucocytozoon parasites in nestling Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) in the northern Great Basin USA. Journal of Raptor Research. In Press.

Miller, R. A., J. D. Carlisle, N. Paprocki, G. S. Kaltenecker, and J. A. Heath. 2015. Annual variation in autumn migration phenology and energetic condition at a stopover site in the western United States. Pp. 177–191 in E. M. Wood and J. L. Kellermann (editors), Phenological synchrony and bird migration: changing climate and seasonal resources in North America. Studies in Avian Biology (no. 47), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Miller, R. A., J. D. Carlisle, and M. J. Bechard. 2014. Effects of prey abundance on breeding season diet of Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) within an unusual prey landscape. Journal of Raptor Research 48:1–12.

Miller, R. A., J. D. Carlisle, M. J. Bechard, and D. Santini. 2013. Predicting nesting habitat of Northern Goshawks in mixed aspen-lodgepole pine forests in a high-elevation shrub-steppe dominated landscape. Open Journal of Ecology 3:109-115.

Miller, R. A., N. Paprocki, and L.H. Urban. 2013.  Melanistic Adult Male Northern Harrier Wintering in Idaho. Western Birds 44:78-79.

Miller, R.A., J. D. Carlisle, G. S. Kaltenecker. 2011. Impacts of regional cold fronts and localized weather phenomena on autumn migration of raptors and landbirds in southwest Idaho USA. The Condor 113:274-283.

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2013 Best Student Poster – Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society annual conference.
2012 Michael W. Butler Ecological Research Award.
2011 Mike Madder’s Field Research Award from Natural Research Ltd.
2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award – Boise State University