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O’Keeffe, John – Species Size Predicts Oxidative Stress in Five Migratory North American Raptors. 2013.

Alumni Research

Migrating raptors utilize different flight strategies, from high-energy flapping to low-energy soaring to a mix of both flapping and soaring. Prolonged powered flight necessitates an increase in cellular respiration, producing oxidants as a byproduct. In order to inhibit the cell-damaging oxidants, anti-oxidants also are produced. In this study, I will look at the difference in the ratio of oxidants to anti-oxidants (i.e., oxidative stress) among raptors with different migratory flight strategies. Determining the effects of migratory flight strategies on metabolic processes can help to determine the mechanisms that evolved to aid in migration.


Thesis Abstract and Full-Text of Thesis