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Phelps III, James M. (Tad)

Phelps fishing

In 1993, Tad received his M.S. in Raptor Biology from Boise State University, studying factors affecting foraging and productivity of Ospreys.


Thesis Abstract

Thesis Research & Resulting Publications

In 1998, he received his D.A. in Biology from Idaho State University, studying Brown and Rainbow Trout movement and activity patterns in Silver Creek, Idaho.

After receiving his D.A., he was an adjunct professor in the Idaho State University Biology Department. In addition, he managed a couple of fly-fishing shops and was a fishing guide in the summers.

Currently, Tad is a part-time adjunct professor at Idaho State University in the PEAC and ACAD departments. He continues to be a fishing guide during the summer.

Phelps family kayaking

Tad, his wife, Paula, and their two daughters, Megan and Julia, try to spend as much time hiking, camping, running, skiing, and floating as they can. He fishes and hunts often as well. Also in Tad’s spare time, he is a Handball addict and plays as much as possible. He “rallies the troops” through education, recruitment, and tournament play in Pocatello and southeast Idaho.