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Prairie Falcon Movements and Survival with US Geological Survey

Steenhoff, K., M.R. Fuller, M.N. Kockert, and K.K. Bates. 2005. Long-Range Movements and Breeding Dispersal of Prairie Falcons from Southwest Idaho. The Condor 107:481-496. [Long-Range Movements…Full Text] *

Steenhoff, K., K.K. Bates, M.R. Fuller, M.N. Kockert, J.O. McKinley, and P.M. Lukacs. 2006. Effects of Radiomarking on Prairie Falcons: Attachment Failures Provide Insights About Survival. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34 (1):116-126. [Effects of Radiomarking on Prairie Falcons Full Text] *


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