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Strasser, Erin H.

Strasser with hawk

In 2010, Erin received her M.S. in Raptor Biology from Boise State University, studying how human disturbance affects American Kestrel stress response and reproductive success.


Thesis Abstract

Thesis Research & Resulting Publications

Erin has worked as a research biologist for the USGS studying the effects of juniper removal on sagebrush steppe obligate songbird communities and as a fall migration hawk trapper for the Idaho Bird Observatory.

Most recently, Erin conducted research through the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to quantify habitat quality in communities of Neotropical migrants across a landscape dominated by small coffee farms and forest fragments in Honduras.

Small bird in hand

Erin is interested in the impacts of anthropogenic change on breeding birds, specifically causes of reproductive abandonment, how hormones mediate behavior and life history strategies, and the ecology of bird communities in tropical ecosystems.

In her free time, Erin likes to travel, mountain bike, garden, and spend time with her dog, Badger.