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Welty, Justin L.

In 2010, Justin received his M.S. in Raptor Biology from Boise State University, studying Burrowing Owls.

Thesis Abstract

Thesis Research & Resulting Publications

Currently, Justin is an Ecologist with the USGS Snake River Field Station in Boise, ID, and has completed both his Master’s Degree in Raptor Biology and obtained a GIS Graduate Certificate from Boise State. He supervises eight employees and manages a project entitled the Land Treatment Digital Library which is cataloging BLM land treatments throughout the western US and is providing data to multiple scientists, land managers, and graduate students.  In addition, he works on multiple large-scale GIS and database mapping projects to assist scientists on a wide range of topics, including weather, wildfire burn severity, and species mapping and modeling.

Some Additional Accomplishments:

  • Boise State University 2012 Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award
  • USGS STAR Award, Fall 2008
  • Oral Presentation entitled “Costs and Benefits of Group Living in Owls” for the Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting, March 2008

Publications since Boise State University graduate school:

Arkle, R.S., D.S. Pilliod, and J.L. Welty. 2012. Pattern and process of prescribed fires influence effectiveness at reducing wildfire severity in dry coniferous forests. Forest Ecology and Management 276: 174-184.

Faircloth, B.C., A.Title, K. Tan, J. Welty, J.R. Belthoff, and P.A. Gowaty. 2010. Eighteen microsatellite loci developed from western burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea). Conservation Genetics Resources 2: 167-17.

Pilliod, D.S., J.L Welty, and R. Stafford. In Review. Terrestrial movement patterns of western pond turtles (Actinemys marmorata) in central California. Herpetological Conservation and Biology.

Welty, J.L, J.R. Belthoff, J. Egbert, and H. Schwabl. 2012. Relationships between yolk androgens and nest density, laying date, and laying order in Western Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea). Canadian Journal of Zoology 90:182-192.