Aquatics Fitness

Fitness isn’t just possible on land but in the water too. Whether you are looking for coached swimming workouts or a more traditionally styled fitness class, we have something for you!

Masters Swim Program will have practice on Monday, January 21.

AquaFit will have class on Monday, January 21.

Masters Swim Program

The focus of this group will be fitness, endurance, and training, with some technique feedback provided.

Pre-requisite: Ability to swim 100 yards continuously using front crawl (freestyle) and 100 yards continuously using back crawl (backstroke). Ability to swim 50 yards continuously using breaststroke and 50 yards continuously using butterfly.

Come swim with us!

Monday 12pm-1pm
Tuesday 6:15am-7:15am
Wednesday 12pm-1pm
Thursday 6:15am-7:15am
Friday 12pm-1pm

Semester Price (prorated 1/2 way through):
$25 Boise State Students
$40 Members
$50 Non-members

Drop-in Rate:
$4 Boise State Students
$6 Members
$8 Non-members

For off-campus attendees, you can request a workshop permit at the Parking Office. Just mention the workshop permit is for the Masters Swimming Program at the Rec Center. It is $42.00 for the semester for East Reserve and Lincoln Garage (pay attention to signage for special events). If you do not want to go this route, you can pay hourly ($2.50/hour) or by 30 minute increments ($1.25/half hour) in the Lincoln Garage.

Get Moving


Make waves in the deep end with moves and drills using a variety of equipment and exciting choreography! Class is conducted completely in the water. Comfort in deep water recommended. Aquajog belts and all other equipment provided. This class is a FREE, drop-in style class. Try it out whenever you would like! There are 3 lanes available for lap swimming during this time.

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