Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Interested in lessons that are more tailored to you and your skills, as well as at a time convenient to you? Request Private or Semi-Private Lessons. After completing the request form, we will contact you with confirmation and begin to match you with an instructor that suits your needs. Completing the request form does not guarantee an instructor match.

Once matched with an instructor, payment is due by the first scheduled lesson. Instructor availability is limited during Group Lesson times and is also subject to class schedules and Boise State academic breaks. Lessons are 30 minutes long in packages of either 4, 8, or 12.

Private Lessons

1-on-1 Instruction

For one-on-one time with one of our certified instructors to become more familiar with the water, learn a new stroke, refine your strokes, learn basic diving, or learn other water safety skills, private lessons is the way to go!

4 Lessons$80$100
8 Lessons$140$180
12 Lessons$180$240

Semi-Private Lessons

2-on-1 Instruction

Do you and a friend have similar interests in learning a new set of swimming skills? Help motivate each other in taking a private lesson together! Students should be similar in either age or skill level for these lessons of two-on-one time with one of our certified instructors.

Total PricePrice Per StudentTotal PricePrice Per Student
4 Lessons$100$50$140$70
8 Lessons$180$90$240$120
12 Lessons$240$120$300$150

Request Private or Semi Private Lessons

We currently have a waiting list for our Private and Semi-Private Lessons. Our waitlist will re-open for requests on Friday, January 25, 2019.