Rentals and Purchases

Stay Fit. Save Money. Ride a Bike.

Want a faster, more convenient way to navigate campus?  Go rent a bike from the Cycle Learning Center (CLC)—no more being stuck in traffic, searching for a parking space, or paying for gas. It’s $120 to roll around for a semester (summer is $85). Rent by the day, the week or the year.

Commuting by bike is a healthy, sensible and inexpensive way to travel. With our simple and dependable campus cruisers, you can pedal your way around campus three times faster than walking while having a whole lot of fun.

Cruise Your Campus

First-year students who plan to be car-free while on campus can receive a cruiser rental discount of 50% off!

Rates include:

  • Semester: $60
  • Annual: $90

Renting a cruiser (a single speed bike with wide, smooth tires) includes:

  • U-lock
  • Front and tail lights
  • Helmet
  • Free routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly
  • Bike Barn access — dry and secure fenced-in areas in the Brady and Lincoln parking garages accessible only by swiping your student ID

Visit the Cycle Learning Center for more details.


The Cycle Learning Center is a dealer for Fuji, GT, State Bicycle Co., Schwinn, Surly and Yuba.  Used bike sales are conducted through the Recycle Bike program that restores quality used bikes to sell at student rates. Our rental/demo fleet are put on sale at periods throughout the year.


Interested in renting a bike for the school year? Stop by the CLC and pick one up today. Limited quantities are available. Single speed, coaster brake. Be sure to fill out our Rental Form.

Rental Options