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Frequently Asked Questions and COVID-19

Updated July 27, 2020

Membership and Lockers

Are membership or locker refunds available?

For all Membership and Locker Service reimbursements please fill out Campus Recreation’s Reimbursement Request Form.

All locker rentals have been extended through the end of Summer – Monday, July 27 to accommodate those who are not able to clean-out their locker before their expiration date.

All payroll deduct memberships have been stopped effective 03/08 pay period and there will be no deductions for the upcoming payroll periods.

For all inquiries and questions related to memberships or lockers, please email

Reservations and Events

Has Campus Recreation cancelled any reservations or special events?

All (current & future) reservations and events that were scheduled in Campus Rec facility spaces have been cancelled to minimize large social interactions that can increase the risk and spread of COVID-19. Events registered through other departments, such as Student Involvement, University Event Services, the Registrar’s Office, and Academic Departments have also been suspended. You may not yet have received direct communication from these departments.

As of right now, we will not be taking any reservation requests until the University’s re-evaluation in April. We will be in contact with organizations and departments if their event/reservation has been effected, and will work diligently to postpone for a later date.

For all inquiries and questions related to reservations and events, please email