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Raft Packages
(Paddle: Raft, PFD, Paddle, Pump, Throwbag, Repair Kit)
(Row Package: raft, 3 Oars, Pump, Throwbag, Repair Kit, Frame)
Member Non Member
15' Paddle Package (9 Person)$68$85
14' Paddle Package (7 Person)$64$80
13' Paddle Package (7 Person)$60$75
Super Puma Paddle package (5 Person)$60$75
Puma Paddle Package (4 Person)$56$70
15' Row Package (10' Oars, Dry box, Cooler)$105$84
14' Row Package (9' Oars, Dry box, Cooler)$100$80
13' Row Package (9' Oars)$90$72
Super Puma Row Package (8' Oars)$90$72
Puma Row Package (7' Oars)$85$68
Camping GearMember Price (per day)Non-Member Price (per day)
2-person tent$10.40$13
3-person tent$10.40$13
4-person tent$10.40$13
6-person tent$13.60$17
Foam Sleeping Pad$2.40$3
Sleeping Bag - Summer (35 degree)$5.60$7
Sleeping Bag - Fall/Spring (22 degree)$5.60$7
Sleeping Bag - Winter (5 degree)$5.60$7
2-burner stove$6.40$8
Backpacking stove$3.20$4
Dutch Oven$5.20$6.50
SUP, Canoe, KayakMember Non Member
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board (Type III PFD, Adjustable Paddle)$40$50
Canoe (2 Type V PFD's, 2 Paddles, 4 Canoe blocks)$28$35
1 Person Inflatable Kayak (Type V PFD, Paddle, IK Pump, Repair Kit, Throw Bag, Helmet)$28$35
2 Person Inflatable Kayak (Type V PFD, Paddle, IK Pump, Repair Kit, Throw Bag, Helmet)$28$45
Hard Shell Kayak Package (Type III PFD, Spray Skirt, Boat, Paddle, Helmet, 2 Floatbags)$28$35
Winter GearMember Price (per day)Non-Member Price (per day)
Down Hill Ski Package (Includes helmet, skis, poles, boots)$24$30
Snowboard Package (includes snowboard, helmet, boots)$24$30
Snowboard Boots$12$15
Ski/Snowboard Helmet$8$10
Snowshoe Package (Snowshoes, poles, NEOS overshoes)$12$15
Snowshoes (Youth)$7.20$9
NEOS Overshoes$8$10
Cross Country (XC) Ski Package (Boots, poles, and skis)$12$15
Skate Ski Package (boots, poles, skis)$12$15
Telemark Ski Package (skis, boots, poles, climbing skins)$24$30
Avalanche Safety Package (beacon, probe, shovel) Batteries not included.$16$20
Avalanche Beacon- batteries not included.$8$10
Snow Shovel$4$5
Ice Axe$4$5
Snow Saw$2.40$3
Gear Sled$12$15