Team Building

The Team Building program is committed to enhancing leadership development and cohesiveness among group members through adventure-based learning experiences.


A Transformative Learning Experience

Activities can be tailored to strengthen the following skills: Communication, Trust, Group Decision-Making Processing, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Awareness, and Confidence. Through hands-on activities, groups are challenged socially, mentally, physically, and environmentally in a positive and exciting learning environment.

Program Philosophy

Our Team Building program sessions are based on Experiential Education principles. Experiential Education is a “learning by doing” process that places participants in a unique setting with purposeful problem-solving activities that require and develop full engagement. Groups experience success by working together and depending on one another’s strengths. Participants examine pre-existing behaviors in a new light with the help of guided facilitation and reflection. Our goal is for participants to take what they learn and apply it to their personal, professional, and academic life.


Portable Activities

Focuses on the group as a whole by presenting physical and mental problem-solving scenarios that require and develop teamwork, group processing, trust, leadership, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, individual members’ self-awareness, and confidence level. The group finds success through working together and depending on the member’s strengths.

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Group2 & 3 hour4 hour6 hour
Student Affiliated$10$12$14
University Department$12$14$16

Portable Activities and Climbing Gym

In addition to the “Portable Activities”, climbing gym initiatives focus on individual and small group achievements by providing the opportunity to push both physically and mentally through controlled risk-taking situations. The group is also challenged to provide support and encouragement in order to create the type of environment that will assist individuals in accomplishing their goals.

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Group3.5 hour5 hour6 hour
Student Affiliated$14$16$18
University Department$16$18$20