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Silver Creek & Big Wood River Water Quantity and Quality Forecasting Tools

Project Overview

The project will develop an interactive, online interface for water quantity and stream health modeling tools. The project will help facilitate and further inform methods and strategies to mitigate late summer low flows and associated impacts on stream health in a working agriculture landscape. The models will provide improved forecast of total irrigation season streamflow, and newly developed models of stream temperature and water quality. These tools will also allow irrigators, water managers, and conservationists to explore relationships and understanding of how climate and water use decisions influence the system. Maintaining adequate late summer flows in Silver Creek is a major goal for stakeholders in the basin and the outcomes of this project will help to manage water resources for multiple benefits.

Project Goals

• Develop open-source models that forecast water availability and reveal drivers of stream health to
support management
• Create an interactive, online interface available to the public which will support proactive water management
• Improve stakeholders’ understanding of the metrics and techniques that could be used for successful water management


This project is scheduled to be conducted through the spring of 2024

Stakeholder outreach tasks include:

Fall 2022: Project communication and outreach plan
Spring 2023: Feedback on initial online interface
Fall 2023: Input on interactive modeling interface
Spring 2024: Training users on online interface

Research Team

  • Dr. Kendra Kaiser

    Research Faculty, Boise State University

    Department of Geosciences
  • Dr. Sam Carlson

    Research Professor and Lecturer, Montana State University

    Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
  • Zach Hill

    Ecosystem Science
  • Connor Jackson

    Ecosystem Sciences