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Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) Courses

Lower Division

CSE 180 (ECE 180) INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING (1-0-1)(S). Introduction to electrical and computer engineering hardware and software tools. Overview of the electrical and computer engineering profession, careers, and foundations for success in the curriculum. Design and build a project to provide hands-on experience. Introduction to skills for college success. May be taken for credit as CSE or ECE, but not both.

Upper Division

CSE 312 COMPUTER ENGINEERING ELECTRONICS (3-0-3)(S). An introduction to circuit, electronics, and interface logic for systems. Focus on computers as systems and the major components needed to design and construct systems to meet requirements. Covers circuit and electronics design, interface logics, and signal filtering. PREREQ: ECE 230, ENGR 240 or ECE 210, MATH 333. COREQ: CSE 312L.

CSE 312L COMPUTER ENGINEERING ELECTRONICS LAB (0-3-1)(S). Lab work to accompany CSE 312 Computer Engineering Electronics. COREQ: CSE 312.

CSE 331 CYBER-INFORMED SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (3-0-3)(F). Designing systems in the cyber age. Design of reliable and resilient systems for cyber applications, viewed as a step-by-step process through the system life cycle, from design to development, production and management with cyber as part of design specifications. PREREQ: CSE 312, CSE312L.

CSE 380 COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PRACTICE (2-0-2)(S). Fundamentals in the practice of Computer Systems Engineering as a profession. Topics include written and oral communication within Computer Systems Engineering; engineering project management and economics; design of experiment, systems, processes, and devices; test, reliability, lifetime, and failure analysis; manufacturing; ethics; sustainability; and engineering professionalism. PREREQ: ENGL 102, FC, ENGR 206. COREQ: CSE 312 and CSE 380L.

CSE 380L COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PRACTICE LAB (0-3-1)(S). Laboratory work on Computer Systems Engineering Practice. COREQ: CSE 380.

CSE 480 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT I (2-3-3)(F). Part one of the capstone design experience integrating previous design work with design theory and methodology. Applied through individual projects with fixed specifications requiring effective use of engineering skills including: time management, design trade-of analysis, analysis, systems engineering, printed-circuit board, HDL coding and system simulation, and test/debug of the constructed design. Written reports are completed at each phase of the design process. PREREQ: CS 321, CSE 312, ECE 330, ECE 350 and CSE 380.

CSE 482 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT II (2-3-3)(S)(FF). Part two of the capstone design experience integrating previous design work with design theory and methodology. Applied through group project to integrate specifications based upon customer and engineering requirements, computer modeling, simulation, and reliability analysis. Includes a series of project reports, formal presentations, and a written report. Development of skills used in the engineering profession: teamwork, effective meetings, safety, ethics, project management, and time management. PREREQ: CSE 480.