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Civil Engineering (CE) Courses

Lower Division

CE 200 CIVIL ENGINEERING SPECIAL PROJECTS (0-3-1)(F,S). Activities undertaken by the Civil Engineering student club at Boise State University. Students enrolled in this course will work on special projects such as design and construction of concrete canoes and steel bridges. Special emphasis will be given to teamwork; discussions will also focus on project management activities such as task scheduling and cost estimation. May be repeated for credit.

CE 280 CIVIL ENGINEERING CASE STUDIES (2-0-2)(F/S). Review of projects, historical and ongoing, from various aspects of Civil Engineering. PREREQ: ENGR 180.

CE 284 CIVIL ENGINEERING COMPUTATIONAL METHODS (2-0-2)(F/S). Introduction to programming and computational methods in civil engineering. PREREQ: ENGR 180.

CE 286 INTRODUCTION TO AUTOCAD FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS (2-0-2)(F/S). Introduction to engineering drafting and computer-aided design for civil engineering applications. The course covers mechanics and standards used to create and interpret engineering drawings made by hand and with AutoCAD. PREREQ: ENGR 180.

Upper Division

CE 310 ADVANCED SURVEYING (2-3-3)(S). A continuation of CE 210 including mapping, state plane coordinate systems, title searches and an introduction to GIS. PREREQ: CMGT 210 and CMGT 211.

CE 316 (GEOS 316) HYDROLOGY (3-2-4)(F). Interdisciplinary earth science concerned with movement and occurrence of water. Watershed based hydrologic phenomena including hydrologic water-cycle analysis, precipitation, evapotranspiration, snow/snowmelt, streamflow, floods, routing and surface runoff events. Application of analytical techniques to solve water resource problems. May be taken for GEOS or CE credit, but not both. PREREQ: GEOS 212 and MATH 175, or PERM/INST.

CE 320 PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (3-0-3)(F). Treatment of domestic and industrial water supplies. Disposal of domestic sewage and industrial wastes. Environmental consideration in water management, water use, wastewater generation, and water quality. Design of water and wastewater treatment systems. PREREQ: CHEM 112 and upper-division status in civil engineering. COREQ: CE 321.

CE 321 PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LAB (0-3-1)(F/S). Environmental engineering problems with emphasis on analysis and presentation. Significance of results as compared with theory and practice. PRE/COREQ: CE 320 and ENGR 205.

CE 330 FLUID MECHANICS (3-0-3)(F/S). Physical properties of fluids, fluid mechanics, measurements, viscous flow, turbulent flow, momentum, lift, drag, boundary layer effects, pipe flow, and open channel flow. PREREQ: ENGR 210, MATH 275, MATH 333.

CE 331 FLUID MECHANICS LAB (0-3-1)(F/S). Fluid mechanics experiments, measurements, data acquisition, and data analysis. Viscosity, fluid statistics, hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics, pipe flow, turbulence, drag, and lift. PREREQ: ENGL 212. COREQ: CE 330.

CE 340 ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (3-0-3)(F/S). Physical and engineering properties, behavior, design, and utilization of various construction materials. PREREQ: CE 350 or CMGT 310 or ME 350. PRE/COREQ: CE 341.

CE 341 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS LAB (0-3-1)(F/S). Evaluation of materials used in construction. PREREQ: CE 350 or CMGT 310.

CE 350 MECHANICS OF MATERIALS (3-0-3)(F/S). Principles of stress, strain, and deformation applied to the analysis of engineering structures including beams, shafts, and columns. PREREQ: ENGR 210 and MATH 175.

CE 351 CODES AND OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS (3-0-3)(F/S). Survey of codes and related works influencing the design and construction of projects. Requirements generated by the IBC, ASCE-7, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Determination of structural loads, resolution of conflicts among governing codes, and interpretation of documents. PREREQ: Junior standing.

CE 352 STRUCTURES I (3-0-3)(F). Analysis and design of statically determinate and indeterminate structures, under static or moving loads, using classical methods. Equilibrium, stress-strain relations, and compatibility. PREREQ: CE 350 or CMGT 310 or ME 350, and upper-division status in civil engineering.

CE 354 STRUCTURES II (3-0-3)(F/S). Analysis and design of structural systems. Stiffness method including the development of element properties, coordinate transformations, and global analysis theory. Three-dimensional building systems and an introduction to the Finite Element Method. PREREQ: CE 352.

CE 360 ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF SOILS (3-0-3)(S). Descriptive terminology, physical and engineering properties, measurement techniques, and behavior of soils. PREREQ: CE 350 or CMGT 310 or ME 350, and upper-division status in civil engineering.

CE 361 ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF SOILS LAB (0-3-1)(F/S). Use of test apparatus in the evaluation of soils. PRE/COREQ: CE 360 and ENGR 205.

CE 370 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING FUNDAMENTALS (3-0-3)(S). Planning, design, and operations of multi-modal transportation systems. PRE/COREQ: MATH 275 and upper-division status in civil engineering.

CE 402 COMPUTATIONAL TECHNIQUES (3-0-3)(F/S). Introduction of numerical methods to solve Civil Engineering problems with emphasis on Geotechnical Engineering problems. In-depth treatment of finite difference and integrated finite difference. Brief introduction to finite element methods and programming using MATLAB. PREREQ: CE 360, MATH 333, knowledge of programming, or PERM/INST.

CE 410 ENGINEERING HYDROLOGY (3-0-3)(F). Integrated approach to hydrology, using the hydrologic/system or control volume as a mechanism for analyzing hydrologic problems and hydrologic processes—water cycle, atmospheric water, surface and subsurface water, hydrologic analysis and design, design storms and peak flow and design flow estimation; hydrologic design methods; snowmelt runoff and evapotranspiration. PREREQ: CE 330, MATH 275 or PERM/INST.

CE 412 (GEOS 412) HYDROGEOLOGY (3-0-3)(S). Introduction to the hydrologic cycle focusing on subsurface water and its relationships to surface water. Physics of flow through porous media, physical properties of aquifer systems, methods to determine aquifer characteristics, groundwater modeling and relationships between groundwater and streamflow. May be taken for either CE or GEOS credit, but not both. PREREQ: PHYS 111 or PHYS 211, MATH 175 and GEOS 212 or CE 330 or ME 330.

CE 422 HAZARDOUS WASTE ENGINEERING (3-0-3)(S)(Odd years). Physical, chemical, and biological treatment of hazardous wastes. Consideration of legal and political issues. PREREQ: CHEM 112.

CE 423 AIR POLLUTION CONTROL ENGINEERING (3-0-3)(S)(Even years). This course surveys the sources, fates, effects and control of air pollutants. Industrial, agricultural, and municipal contributions to acid rain, smog, and toxic air pollutants in fish and humans are covered. Students will demonstrate skill in the use of mathematical and computer predictions for the fate of air pollutants in the design of air pollution control systems and be able to communicate engineering concepts in oral presentations and in writing. PREREQ: CE 320 or PERM/INST.

CE 424 WATER TREATMENT DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Theoretical and practical engineering aspects of advanced chemical and physical phenomena and processes applicable to the design for removal of impurities from ground and surface water sources, including experimental problem analysis, conveyance systems and optimal treatment solution reporting. PREREQ: CE 320. PRE/COREQ: CE 330 or ME 330.

CE 425 WASTEWATER TREATMENT DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Theoretical and practical engineering aspects of advanced chemical, physical and biological phenomena and processes applicable to the design for removal of impurities from wastewater and industrial wastes and to their transformation in receiving waters, including experimental problem analysis, collection system conveyance and optimal treatment solution reporting. PREREQ: CE 320. PRE/COREQ: CE 330 or ME 330.

CE 426 (GEOS 426) AQUEOUS GEOCHEMISTRY (3-0-3)(F). Basic tools and topics of aqueous geochemistry with an emphasis on low temperature process in natural waters Essentials of thermodynamics, kinetics, aqueous speciation, mineral-water interaction, and elemental cycling in the context of surficial earth processes and environmental challenges. Completion of or co-enrollment in MATH 175 is recommended. May be taken for CE or GEOS credit, but not both PREREQ: CHEM 112, MATH 170.

CE 436 HYDRAULICS (3-0-3)(F)(Even years). Applied principles of fluid mechanics, pipe flow, open channel flow, flow nets, and hydraulic machinery. Design. PREREQ: CE 330 or ME 330.

CE 437 GIS IN WATER RESOURCES (3-0-3)(F/S)(Odd years). Applications of geographic information systems (GIS) in pre- and post-processing of model inputs and outputs, digital elevation models, flow direction and flow accumulation, spatial analysis and interpretation, Model builder, data model, tools, functionality and examples of real-world water and natural resource problems and integration of external models (e.g., SWAT). PREREQ: CE 416, GEOG 360 or PERM/INST.

CE 438 WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING (3-0-3)(F/S). Flood frequency analysis, reservoir characteristics and design, open channel flow applications, probability, risk and uncertainty analysis, water project design, model studies, water resources planning and management, and system analysis. PREREQ: CE 330 or ME 330.

CE 440 PAVEMENT ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Pavement design processes, materials selection and characterization methods, analysis and design of flexible pavements, analysis and design of rigid concrete pavements, pavement condition survey and ratings, distress evaluation and maintenance and rehabilitation techniques. PREREQ: CE 340, CE 341, and CE 370, or PERM/INST.

CE 442 MICROSTRUCTURE, PROPERTIES, AND PERFORMANCE OF CONCRETE (3-0-3)(F/S). Basic properties of cements and mineral aggregates and their interactions in concrete from a microstructural perspective. Special emphasis on: properties of hydrated products and hardened concrete; modifications through admixtures; production, handling, and placement problems; specifications; quality control and acceptance testing; lightweight, heavyweight, and other special concrete mixtures. Project topics will include design and testing of advanced concrete concepts for durable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure. PREREQ: CE 340 or MSE 245.

CE 450 REINFORCED CONCRETE DESIGN (2-3-3)(F/S). Design of reinforced concrete structures, such as beams, columns, one way slabs, and simple footings, in accordance with latest ACI Code for Reinforced Concrete. PREREQ: CE 352.

CE 452 STRUCTURAL STEEL DESIGN (2-3-3)(F/S). Design of steel structures, such as beams and columns, in accordance with latest AISC Manual of Steel Construction, LRFD edition. PREREQ: CE 352.

CE 454 TIMBER DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Design of wood, and wood composite, structures and systems based on mechanical and structural characteristics and specifications. PREREQ: CE 352.

CE 456 MASONRY DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Design of masonry structures and systems based on mechanical and structural characteristics and specifications. PREREQ: CE 352.

CE 460 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN I (3-0-3)(F/S). Subsoil exploration and site investigation methodologies. Soil mechanics in design of earth retaining structures, shallow and deep foundations. PREREQ: CE 360 and CE 361.

CE 462 GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN II (3-0-3)(F/S). Application of soil mechanics in the design of embankments, slopes, and excavations. PREREQ: CE 360 and CE 361.

CE 466 GROUND IMPROVEMENT DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Introduction to ground improvement techniques for various problematic soils necessitated by the growing demand for construction in challenging geologies. Emphasis on understanding methods available to strengthen existing ground as alternative to costly foundation designs. Exploration of pros and cons of multiple ground improvement techniques, under four, broad categories: mechanical, hydraulic, chemical/thermal, and physical. Design and implement the most appropriate ground improvement technique for a given geological condition. PREREQ: CE 360 and CE 361.

CE 470 HIGHWAY SYSTEMS DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). Design of urban and rural highway systems. Use of software is required. PREREQ: CE 360 and CE 370.

CE 472 TRANSPORTATION PLANNING (3-0-3)(F/S). Theory and practice of transportation planning at the metropolitan as well as regional levels. Use of software is required. Recent advances in transportation planning will be introduced. PREREQ: CE 370 or PERM/INST.

CE 475 TRAFFIC SYSTEMS DESIGN (3-0-3)(F/S). The course covers the design of operations, control, and management of traffic systems. Use of software is required. PREREQ: CE 370 or PERM/INST.

CE 481 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT I (1-0-1)(F). Capstone design experience integrating previous coursework with modern design theory and methodology. Creation of teams and proposals to be carried out in CE 483. PREREQ: CE 320, CE 330, CE 340, CE 352, CE 360, and CE 370.

CE 483 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT II (2-2-3)(S)(FF). Capstone design experience integrating previous coursework with modern design theory and methodology. Applied through a comprehensive individual or group project, integrating criteria based on customer, code, and engineering requirements. Includes a series of progress reports and a final formal presentation. PREREQ: CE 481.

CE 485 REVIEW OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (1-0-1)(F/S). Review of basic engineering and science material covered in civil engineering curriculum. (Pass/Fail.) PREREQ: Senior standing or PERM/INST.

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