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Construction Management (CMGT) Courses

Lower Division

CMGT 110 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND METHODS (3-0-3)(F,S). Introduction to construction vocabulary and knowledge. Identification of construction materials, elements and systems. PREREQ: MATH 108 or equivalent.

CMGT 111 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND METHODS LAB (0-3-1)(F,S). Introduction to construction safety. Hands-on applications in site layout, formwork and concrete; masonry, steel; wood; and other construction materials. PRE/COREQ: CMGT 110.

CMGT 120 INTRODUCTION TO CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Study of construction management in a global environment. Topics include organizational environments, contract delivery methods, the design and construction process, basic estimating, and basic scheduling. Knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets expected. PREREQ: MATH 108.

CMGT 201 CONSTRUCTION COMMUNICATIONS (3-0-3)(F,S). Preparation of effective oral presentations and written documents and correspondence related to common construction industry scenarios. Consideration of ethical, professional, and civil behavior in both written and oral communication for construction project administration and management. PREREQ: CMGT 120 and ENGL 102.

CMGT 210 CONSTRUCTION SURVEYING AND LAYOUT (2-0-2)(F). Use of transits, theodolites, levels, and EDMs to locate and control structures, and measure horizontal and vertical distances, and angles. Error analysis, traverse, route and land surveying, construction surveying, and accompanying methods and calculations. PREREQ: MATH 144. COREQ: CMGT 211.

CMGT 211 CONSTRUCTION SURVEYING AND LAYOUT LAB (0-3-1)(F). Fundamentals of surveying as applied to construction layout. Lab measurements of construction layout, profile plotting, land surface area, differential and profile leveling using tape, leveling, and transit measurements. COREQ: CMGT 210.

CMGT 245 DRAWINGS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND CODES (3-0-3)(F,S). Reading and interpretation of construction drawings. Introduction to and practice in how orthographic views and pictorial drawings are used to represent objects. Organization, vocabulary and meaning of construction specifications and building codes. PREREQ: CMGT 110.

Upper Division

CMGT 310 STATICS AND MECHANICS OF MATERIALS FOR BUILDING CONSTRUCTION (4-0-4)(F/S). Principles of structural analysis in the design, specification, and construction of buildings. Forces and their components; static equilibrium; friction; section properties; stresses and deformations of elastic solids, combined stresses. PREREQ: CMGT 110, CMGT 120, MATH 144, MATH 160 or MATH 170, PHYS 111 or PHYS 211.

CMGT 320 CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND METHODS (3-0-3)(S). Characteristics, capabilities, limitations and employment of general building and heavy construction equipment. Occasional field trips required. PREREQ: CMGT 310 or ENGR 210.

CMGT 340 INTRO TO BIM (3-0-3)(S). Prepares students to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) on a construction project. Establishes a knowledge base of BIM terminology. Explains the benefits of models for coordination, scheduling, estimating, and other applications using BIM software and uses case studies showing successful BIM implementation. PREREQ: CMGT 120 and CMGT 245.

CMGT 350 MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS (4-0-4)(F). The fundamentals of mechanical and electrical contracting. Terminology, components, and basic design features of HVAC systems; plumbing systems; and electrical circuits and service equipment. Current mechanical and electrical drawings, specifications and building codes are presented. Occasional field trips required. PREREQ: CMGT 245 and either PHYS 112 or PHYS 212.

CMGT 360 SOIL MECHANICS (3-0-3)(F). Descriptive terminology, physical and engineering properties, measurement techniques, and behavior of soils. PREREQ: CMGT 310. COREQ: CMGT 361.

CMGT 361 SOIL MECHANICS LAB (0-3-1)(F). Use of test apparatus in the evaluation of soils. PRE/COREQ: CMGT 360.

CMGT 367 CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING (3-0-3)(F,S). Extracting quantity take-offs from drawings, classifying the work in accordance with the specifications, compiling and pricing estimates, developing cost estimates using CSI divisions and work break-down structure, and preparation and evaluation of bids. Occasional field trips required. PREREQ: CMGT 120, CMGT 245, ITM 105 or satisfactory placement score, MATH 143 and MATH 144 or satisfactory placement score.

CMGT 374 CONSTRUCTION OPERATIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS (2-0-2)(S). The use of statistical sampling, time and motion studies, crew balance analysis, and flow and process charts to analyze management methods and improve labor efficiency, equipment and materials usage, safety, and employee motivation. PREREQ: CMGT 367.

CMGT 380 PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES (3-0-3)(S). Levels of pre-design and design phase estimates, constructability reviews, value engineering, design phase scheduling. An overview of the relationship of estimates to the operations and profitability of a construction firm. PREREQ: CMGT 367.

CMGT 385 CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS AND LAW (3-0-3)(F,S). Construction contract language, project documentation, and common issues in construction law, including project changes, differing site conditions, construction claims, and dispute resolution. Particular emphasis placed on written communication and negotiation techniques. PREREQ: CMGT 201.

CMGT 410 TEMPORARY STRUCTURES (3-0-3)(F). A study of temporary structures used in construction, including scaffolding, ground support systems, shoring, dewatering systems, and concrete form work. Emphasis on factors affecting cost, the legal significance, and the engineering basis for the design of the structures. PREREQ: CMGT 310.

CMGT 417 PROJECT SCHEDULING (2-2-3)(F/S). Gantt charts, S-curves, Critical Path Method (CPM), computerized scheduling, PERT charts, resource leveling and time cost trade offs used as planning, scheduling, and management techniques. PREREQ: CMGT 367.

CMGT 420 INTRODUCTION TO CONCRETE AND STEEL DESIGN (3-0-3)(S). Introduction to design of structural steel and reinforced concrete; includes sizing and design of beams, columns, and simple footings. PREREQ: CMGT 310.

CMGT 450 HEAVY CIVIL CONSTRUCTION (3-0-3)(F). Study of the methods used on Heavy Civil projects, with an emphasis on estimating. PREREQ: CMGT 245 and Senior Standing.

CMGT 455 HOW DID THEY BUILD THAT? (3-0-3)(S). Explores both historical and modern buildings and other structures around the world, examining the structural and aesthetic aspects of them, and determining their likely construction methods. How their construction was influenced by political, religious, economic, and other factors will also be examined. Basic construction techniques, both historical and modern, will be covered. PREREQ: CMGT 110 and upper-division standing.

CMGT 460 PROJECT COST CONTROLS (3-0-3)(F/S). Theory of cost accounting and cost control, with emphasis on cost determination as a tool of management and project cost control. Includes bidding, budgeting, and developing project cost record-keeping system for managing cash, receivable, payroll, and subcontractors. PREREQ: CMGT 367. PRE/COREQ: ACCT 206.

CMGT 470 LAND DEVELOPMENT (3-0-3)(F). Overview of the land development process, including planning, design, construction, and sale of various types of real estate. Topics include key concepts in successful development, feasibility studies, site selection and improvement, government policy and regulation, project planning and master planning, design of public infrastructure, and construction of site improvements. PREREQ: Upper-division standing.

CMGT 475 CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S)(FF). Topics related to the procurement of work and the management of construction projects including business development and proposal preparation; contract, risk and change management; safety and quality management; jobsite layout and control; leadership and team building; and sustainability and ethics. PREREQ: CMGT 367, CMGT 385 and senior status. PRE/COREQ: CMGT 417 and CMGT 460.

CMGT 485 SENIOR OUTCOME ASSESSMENT (0-0-0)(F,S). A comprehensive review of professional construction management principles and technical skills in preparation for the AIC Level 1 Certified Professional Constructor Exam which students are required to take and pass. (Pass/Fail.) PRE/COREQ: CMGT 320, CMGT 350, CMGT 410, and CMGT 475.

CMGT 493 INTERNSHIP (credits vary)(F,S,SU). Cooperative education/internship in construction management provides practical, on-the-job experience in blueprint reading, material takeoffs, estimating, equipment management, and project planning.

CMGT 496 INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-4 credits)(F,S,SU). Construction studies as supervised by a construction faculty member.

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