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Finance (FINAN) Courses

Lower Division

FINAN 201 FUNDAMENTALS OF REAL ESTATE (3-0-3)(F/S). Foundations of real estate decision-making related to personal and professional real estate activities. Coverage of both residential and commercial roles of real estate in the U.S. economy. Includes an introduction to real estate brokerage, valuation, and mortgage financing.

FINAN 208 PERSONAL FINANCE (3-0-3)(S). This course addresses the growing complexity of financial decision-making faced by the individual: how to avoid financial entanglements; installment buying; borrowing money; owning or renting a home; budgeting and money management; savings and investment alternatives; life, health, accident and auto insurance; and personal income taxes and estate planning.

FINAN 250 PERSONAL INVESTING (3-0-3)(F). The basic mechanics and principles of investing are introduced to acquaint students with investment vehicles, markets, and processes. Other topics will include speculation, options, and commodities.

Upper Division

FINAN 303 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). Introduction to corporate financial management. Topics include the time value of money, cash flow estimation, discounted cash flow techniques, capital budgeting, the risk-return trade-off, and the cost of capital. The process of valuation is an essential element in many of these topics and will be an emphasis of the course. PREREQ: Admission to COBE.

FINAN 308 PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING (3-0-3)(S). Explores the financial planning function. Topics include contact and data acquisition, determining client goals and risk tolerances, plan development and implementation, and stress testing. Covers several areas of personal financial planning, including investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and addresses planning techniques and financial planning ethical issues. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303.

FINAN 411 CORPORATE FINANCE (3-0-3)(F). An intermediate course focusing on financial management and its application to financial decision making. Topics include acquisition and allocation of capital, cost of capital, capital structure, capital budgeting, security valuation, risk management, and dividend policy. Cases are used for classroom discussion as a link between theory and practice. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303. COREQ: MATH 160 or MATH 170.

FINAN 415 FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS (3-0-3)(F). Analysis and interpretation of financial statements, economic trends, and firm valuation. Students use valuation techniques to enable investment decisions, credit decisions, forecasting, and performance analysis. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303.

FINAN 420 FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS (3-0-3)(S). The interaction between financial institutions and financial markets are examined and their roles in the economy are discussed. Topics include the function of financial markets, valuation of financial assets, central banking and monetary policy, commercial banking, financial institutions, and management of financial risk. Emphasis is placed on the changes taking place within the financial community and the effects on financial institutions. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303. COREQ: MATH 160 or MATH 170.

FINAN 430 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (3-0-3)(S). Builds a strong foundation on the relationship among international financial markets. Included is exchange rate determination and parity conditions across countries. Once the foundation is built, the multinational firm is examined in this framework. Included is working capital management, capital budgeting, and cost of capital for the multinational firm. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303.

FINAN 440 FINANCIAL MODELING (3-0-3)(S). Provides hands-on experience using spreadsheets to solve financial problems. Concentrates on bringing classic financial theory into practical settings. Cost of capital, financial statement modeling, valuation, portfolio models and the efficient set, option pricing, and bond mathematics. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303. COREQ: MATH 160 or MATH 170.

FINAN 450 INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F). Examines global securities markets from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint. Topics include the mechanics of direct investment, measurement and management of risk and return, the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and analysis of investment performance. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, BUSSTAT 208, FINAN 303. COREQ: MATH 160 or MATH 170.

FINAN 451 DERIVATIVES (3-0-3)(S). Focuses on both recent and past innovations in the derivatives markets. Futures contracts and options and the theory of hedging, using both agricultural and financial futures contracts, options writing, and index options are stressed. Topics addressed from both a theoretical and practical perspective. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 450, MATH 160 or MATH 170.

FINAN 460 ASSET ALLOCATION AND SECURITY SELECTION (3-0-3)(F). An applied course in asset allocation and security selection. Students invest donated monies in stocks and mutual funds to generate a return used to fund scholarships and software to support the education of future finance students. Students apply tools of financial analysis and learn to use financial databases to select and manage a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303 and PERM/INST.

FINAN 461 PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT (3-0-3)(S). Students manage a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds to generate a return to be used to fund scholarships and software to support future generations of finance students. Students learn to perform portfolio attribution analysis and benchmark returns using financial databases. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 460 and PERM/INST.

FINAN 470 REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS (3-0-3)(F). Introduction to the concepts, principles, analytical methods and tools useful for making investment and finance decisions regarding commercial real estate assets. Topics include an overview of real estate capital markets, market analysis, property financial analysis, real estate loan underwriting and investment characteristics of real estate. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, FINAN 303.