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Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Courses

Lower Division

HIIM 215 INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH INFORMATICS (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). Provides an introduction to health information systems and healthcare technology with discussion of current applications and trends in healthcare.

HIIM 220 FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGING HEALTH INFORMATION (3-0-3)(F/S). Principles of the management of health information, addressing compliance with health care information laws, regulations, standards, and the value of this information to the patient, providers, and the community.

Upper Division

HIIM 320 HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT I WITH LAB (3-3-4)(F). Introduction to the field of health information management, including history of patient records, and functions of a health information department. In-depth study of components, development and use of the record and flow of patient information through the facility; design of forms and computer views; accreditation and licensure standards. PREREQ: HIIM 220.

HIIM 321 HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT II WITH LAB (3-3-4)(S). Administration of health information functions, including quality, utilization and risk management with emphasis on national initiatives in health information technology and systems. PREREQ: HIIM 320.

HIIM 322 MANAGING CLINICAL CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS (3-0-3)(F). Examines the development and use of various classification (coding) systems. Focuses on the principles and applications of classification systems. PREREQ: BIOL 227-228; PRE/COREQ: HLTH 300.

HIIM 323 REIMBURSEMENT METHODOLOGIES (3-0-3)(S). Study of reimbursement methods in health care. Examines payment systems, compliance, review of revenue cycles, and other management strategies critical to health care facility revenues. PREREQ: HIIM 320 and HIIM 322.

HIIM 424 HEALTH CARE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (3-0-3)(F). Information systems and applications in health care organizations; issues and challenges in system design and implementation; systems security. PRE/COREQ: HIIM 321.

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