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Honors (HONORS) Courses

Lower Division

HONORS 198, 298, 398, 498 HONORS SEMINAR (1-0-1)(F/S). Group discussion of issues built around a specific theme/s. Because themes change from semester to semester, seminar may be repeated.

HONORS 290 LEADERSHIP IN HONORS (2-0-2)(F). Trains Peer Mentors in applied leadership and mentoring. PREREQ: Successful application to the Honors Peer Mentor Program.

HONORS 390 CRAFTING PROFESSIONAL NARRATIVES (1-0-1)(F,S). Develops students’ writing and speaking skills in relation to applications for graduate school or employment. This professional focus also challenges students to carefully consider their pathway through college and their steps after graduation.

HONORS 392 HONORS COLLOQUIUM (3-0-3)(F/S). Interdisciplinary studies of selected topics. Because the topics change from semester to semester, colloquium may be repeated. Consult online class search for specific topics offered each semester. May be repeated for credit.