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Journalism (JOUR) Courses

Upper Division

JOUR 301 REPORTING AND NEWS WRITING (3-0-3)(F,S). Fundamentals of reporting, from techniques of interviewing and fact-gathering through the construction of the news story. Emphasis on accuracy, conciseness, and clarity in writing. Study of newspaper styles, usage, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and the use of copy editing symbols. PREREQ: MEDIA 201.

JOUR 351 ADVANCED JOURNALISTIC WRITING (3-0-3)(F/S). Advanced instruction in various forms of journalistic writing, including feature and critical writing. PREREQ: JOUR 301.

JOUR 352 REPORTING PUBLIC AFFAIRS (3-0-3)(F/S). Theory and practice of covering governmental and community affairs. Examination of the beat system and developing sources. PREREQ: JOUR 301.

JOUR 480 STUDIES IN JOURNALISTIC COMMUNICATION (3-0-3)(F/S). Advanced instruction in theories about, history of, and preparation of nonfiction content for the mass media. Content varies from semester to semester. Subjects may include public affairs reporting, journalism history, documentary scriptwriting, etc. Course may be repeated for credit. PREREQ: MEDIA 201.