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Library Science (LIBSCI) Courses

Lower Division

LIBSCI 201 INTRODUCTION TO THE USE OF LIBRARIES AND THE TEACHING OF LIBRARY SKILLS (2-2-3)(On Demand). Teaches efficient use of library materials, catalogs, indexes, and reference sources in various subject fields and prepares teachers and librarians to teach library skills to elementary and secondary school students.

Upper Division

LIBSCI 301 LIBRARY ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION (3-0-3)(On Demand). An introduction to the development, organization, and management of all types of libraries with emphasis upon the school library and its place in the instructional program. PREREQ: LIBSCI 201 or PERM/INST.

LIBSCI 311 REFERENCE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY (3-0-3)(On Demand). Introduction to evaluation and use of basic reference sources, principles, techniques, and issues of reference service. Includes coverage of standard reference books, indexes, abstracts, and bibliographies found in school or small public libraries. PREREQ: LIBSCI 201 or PERM/INST.

LIBSCI 321 BASIC BOOK SELECTION (3-0-3)(On Demand). Principles and techniques for evaluating and selecting library materials; introduction to reviewing media and to basic tools for selecting and acquiring all types of book and nonbook materials. Includes discussions of discarding and weeding, and materials for slow and gifted readers. PREREQ: LIBSCI 201 or PERM/INST.

LIBSCI 331 CATALOGING AND CLASSIFICATION (3-0-3)(On Demand). Theory and principles of classification and cataloging of book materials, practice using Dewey Decimal Classification, preparing catalog cards, assigning subject headings, and library filing. Bibliographic utilities and cooperative cataloging are discussed. PREREQ: LIBSCI 201 or PERM/INST.