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Marketing (MKTG) Courses

Upper Division

MKTG 301 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (3-0-3)(F,S). Understand how to segment markets; target customer groups; and position an organization’s offerings via integrated product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions. PREREQ: Business/pre-business majors, BUSCOM 201 for non-business majors or for Business and Economic Analytics major, ENGL 102 and ITM 105 or successful completion of the COBE Computer Placement Exam for ITM 105.

MKTG 307 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR (3-0-3)(F,S). Understand the process by which people make consumption decisions, and the consequences of these decisions on individuals and society. Examine how internal (e.g., cognitive, emotional) and external (e.g., sociocultural, situational) factors drive consumption behaviors and decisions. PREREQ: Admission to COBE. PRE/COREQ: MKTG 301.

MKTG 315 MARKETING INSIGHTS (3-0-3)(F,S). Generate consumer insights via the marketing research process to support management decision-making and solve marketing problems. Define the research problems, develop research plans, collect data, analyze the data, and communicate recommendations. Course requires statistical skills. Enroll in this course soon after completion of BUSSTAT 208. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, or Economics BA or Business and Economic Analytics major, BUSSTAT 208 or MATH 361, and MKTG 301. PRE/COREQ: MATH 160 or higher.

MKTG 321 PROFESSIONAL SELLING (3-0-3)(F,S). Understand the sales process, ethical selling techniques, digital tools, and careers in sales. Learn to initiate and build long-term business-to-business relationships. PREREQ: Admission to COBE or Economics BA major.

MKTG 401 ADVERTISING AGENCY OPERATIONS (3-0-3)(F,S). Understand how an advertising agency works, conduct market research, generate insights for creative action, and write a strategy and communications brief for a national brand. PREREQ: MKTG 301 or PERM/INST.

MKTG 402 NSAC ADVERTISING COMPETITION (3-0-3)(S). Function as an agency to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign for a national brand. Explore a full range of communication channels. Pitch campaign to client and industry judges at the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). PREREQ: PERM/INST.

MKTG 407 MARKETING COMMUNICATION (3-0-3)(F,S). Develop comprehensive marketing communication strategies which may include advertising, sales promotions, event sponsorships, direct marketing, public relations, branding, and social and digital media. Consider relevant social, cultural, and ethical issues while developing your integrated marketing communication plan. PREREQ: MKTG 307.

MKTG 420 MARKETING STRATEGY (3-0-3)(F). Apply marketing principles to solve organizational and/or social problems. Identify problems, provide potential solutions, and defend recommended marketing strategy. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301.

MKTG 422 INNOVATION AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Develop new product and customer experience innovations by applying design thinking concepts. Iterate solutions that best meet customer needs while staying within the bounds of business constraints. PREREQ: MKTG 301, MKTG 307.

MKTG 424 CATEGORY MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Use data-driven shopper insights and an understanding of customer behavior to create value for brands and retailers. This experiential course uses real data in partnership with major Boise-area retailers. PREREQ: MKTG 307 PRE/COREQ: MKTG 315.

MKTG 425 MARKETING PLANNING APPLICATIONS (3-0-3)(F,S). Capstone Course. Create a comprehensive marketing plan and present best course of action for a live-case client. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, Marketing major/minor, senior standing.

MKTG 430 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (3-0-3)(F,S). Identify opportunities and develop marketing strategies that cross national and cultural borders. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301.

MKTG 441 BRAND MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Capstone Course. Build, measure, and manage a brand. PREREQ: Marketing major/minor, senior standing, MKTG 301.

MKTG 442 SPORTS MARKETING (3-0-3)(Intermittently). Apply marketing principles and concepts including target marketing, segmentation, and positioning to the sports and entertainment industries. Identify critical issues faced by a local sports brand, design solutions, and recommend a strategy to overcome them that includes advertising, promotion, publicity and social media. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301.

MKTG 460 DIGITAL MARKETING (3-0-3)(F,S). Understand the role of digital tools such as web design, web analytics, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, and online advertising in marketing strategy. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301.

MKTG 493 INTERNSHIP (V-V-V)(F,S,SU). Complete supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student’s major. Course may be repeated, max 6 credits. (Only 3 of the 6 credits can be used as upper-division elective credit) PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301 and PERM/INST.

MKTG 498 SEMINAR IN CONTEMPORARY TOPICS IN MARKETING (Variable Credit)(Intermittently). Study topics of current interest in marketing. Topics selected based on student interests and faculty expertise. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MKTG 301.