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Nonprofit Management (NONPROF) Courses

Lower Division

NONPROF 240 INTRODUCTION TO NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,SU). The course addresses the issues of managing nonprofit organizations. Issues concern personnel assessment, managing others, working with elected and appointed public officials, working with board members, volunteer management, working with media, solving problems, communicating supportively, understanding motivational processes, managing conflicts, grant writing, and building teams.

Upper Division

NONPROF 340 VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT AND THE NONPROFIT (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). The practical, legal, and technical aspects of directing a volunteer program are addressed. Topics include the employment cycle of volunteers (including recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation), trends in volunteerism, types of volunteers, building the volunteer/staff relationship, volunteer boards, and corporate volunteers. PREREQ: NONPROF 240 and upper-division class standing, or PERM/CHAIR.

NONPROF 440 FUNDING FOR NONPROFITS (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). Nonprofits require a unique structure of revenue that includes grant writing, major donor development, social enterprise, event planning, and more. This course will include the research, cultivation and stewardship of major donors as well as exploration of individual nonprofit budget structure and their unique revenue streams. With an emphasis on grant writing, students will be able to create a development plan for a nonprofit, identify funding sources, determine program needs, create a project-specific and general operating budget, define outcomes and benchmarks, and evaluate success. PREREQ: Upper-division standing and ENGL 212 or BUSCOM 201 or CMGT 201, or PERM/CHAIR.

NONPROF 493 INTERNSHIP (V-V-V)(F,S,SU). Internship credits are earned in supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student’s major. To enroll in 493, a student must work in a nonprofit organization. PREREQ: NONPROF 340 or PERM/CHAIR.