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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Courses

Upper-division courses in the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management (those with a course number 300 or higher) provide higher-level instruction to students who have the skills necessary to perform at this level. In addition to fulfilling the specific prerequisites listed and meeting the general university requirements for junior standing, every student admitted to a course is expected: to communicate clearly and correctly so that assignments such as term papers and presentations can be completed effectively, to organize and solve problems using the techniques of intermediate algebra, to use a microcomputer for simple word processing and spreadsheet applications. The prerequisite “No D Rule” is strongly enforced for all BUSSTAT, ITM, and SCM courses and prerequisites.

Upper Division

SCM 301 PRINCIPLES OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). Introduction to the core supply chain management activities in manufacturing and service firms. This includes operations strategy, purchasing, forecasting, capacity planning, quality management, lean processes, inventory management, logistics, facility location, material planning, scheduling, project management, and more. PREREQ: ITM 105 and one of the following: MATH 143, MATH 149, MATH 160, MATH 170.

SCM 366 SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYTICS (3-0-3)(F,S). Introduction to selected optimization models and simulation techniques for managing the supply chain. Topics include developing, solving, and analyzing optimization and simulation models related to supply chain production, inventory, and distribution decisions. COREQ: MATH 160 or MATH 170. PREREQ: Admission to COBE or Business and Economic Analytics major, SCM 301, and junior standing. PREREQ for Industrial Engineering Minor: MATH 175 and SCM 301.

SCM 380 QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND LEAN PROCESS IMPROVEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Introduces the philosophy and theory of quality; the process of planning and designing for quality; the basic tools of quality and business process improvement used by organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Emphasis will be placed on understanding how the tools are implemented to aid in quality and process improvement in supply chain. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, SCM 301. PREREQ for Industrial Engineering Minor: MATH 175, SCM 301, and junior standing.

SCM 410 LOGISTICS (3-0-3)(F,S). Introduction to the transportation, warehousing, and distribution systems roles in creating competitive advantage for global supply chain processes. Emphasis on operation, design, and analysis of effective transportation and distribution systems. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, MATH 160 or MATH 170, SCM 301, and SCM 366. PREREQ for Industrial Engineering Minor: MATH 175, SCM 301, and junior standing.

SCM 416 PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN INTEGRATION (3-0-3)(F,S). Procurement topics including supplier selection, negotiation, contracts, supplier relationship management, and ethical issues, international outsourcing, coordinating and integrating supply networks. PREREQ: SCM 301.

SCM 420 CREATING SUSTAINABLE GOODS AND SERVICES (3-0-3)(On Demand). Creation of environmentally sustainable goods and services. Tools and concepts covered include life-cycle analysis, environmental purchasing, green logistics, reverse logistics, closed loop supply chains, design for the environment, industrial ecology environmental management systems, sustainable operations and strategy. PREREQ: Admission to COBE or Industrial Engineering Minor and junior standing, SCM 366.

SCM 435 (ITM 435) PROJECT MANAGEMENT (3-0-3)(F,S,SU). Fundamental project management concepts and tools are introduced including project planning and scheduling, PERT/CPM, project tracking and control risk  assessment, and resource utilization. PREREQ: Admission to COBE and SCM 301. PREREQ for Industrial Engineering Minor: MATH 175, SCM 301, and junior standing. PREREQ for Games Interactive Media, and Mobile majors and Health Informatics and Information Management emphasis: Admission to program. PREREQ for BEA majors: MATH 175 and junior standing.

SCM 493 INTERNSHIP (Variable Credit)(F/S). Field learning in a production and operations management environment under supervision of both a manager and a professor. PREREQ: Admission to COBE, SCM 301.