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Human Rights Certificate

The certificate will be awarded following completion of an associate or baccalaureate degree.

Certificate in Human Rights
Course Number and TitleCredits
Introduction to Human Rights
HIST 330 Human Rights Past and Present
Advocacy-related communication and collaboration skills
Choose one (1) of the following:
COMM 231 Public Speaking
COMM 351 Intercultural Communication
COMM 356 Communication in the Small Group
COMM 371 Communication, Gender, and Difference
CONFLICT/COMM/SOC 390 Conflict Management
COMM 435 Collaboration and Facilitation
COMM 484 Studies in Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
CONFLICT 401 Negotiation
CONFLICT 402 Mediation
POLS 419 Political Communication
SPS 301 Engagement and Empathy in Public Service
OR seek approval to combine one-to-three (1-3) credit skills-based courses and/or experiential learning workshops related to advocacy-based communication and collaboration to equal 3 credits (contact director of Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Initiative to request course approval)
Navigating Power within Systems and Institutions
Choose one (1) of the following:
BUS 441 Business in Society: Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability
HIST 268 Working in America: Class, Labor and Inequality
HIST 349 History of Multicultural America
HIST 356 Debating Capitalism
POLS 414 Comparative State Politics
POLS 447 Civil Liberties
POLS 449 Law, Politics and Society
PSYC 438 Community Psychology
SOC 230 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
SOC 421 Social Inequality
URBAN 390 Urban Inequality
Capstone experience
SPS 331 Advocacy in Action