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Critical Theory Minor

Course Number and TitleCredits
PHIL 316 Philosophy and Critical Theory3
ENGL 393 Literary Criticism and Theory3
GENDER 200 Introduction to Gender Studies3
Choose four (4) courses from at least three (3) fields:
COMM 321 Rhetorical Theories
COMM 331 Message Analysis and Criticism
COMM 371 Communication, Gender, and Difference
COMM 389 Theory and Philosophy of Communication
ED-CIFS 201 Education, Schooling, and Society
ENGL 390 Ethnic Literature
ENGL 395 Women Writers
ENGL 396 Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 307 Literary Translation
ENGL 425 Rhetoric and Society
GENDER 301/SOC 471 Feminist Theory
MDS 420 Globalization
PHIL 315 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PHIL 337 Aesthetics
PHIL 441/POLS 441 Classical Political Thought
PHIL 442/POLS 442 Modern Political Thought
PHIL 443/POLS 443 Contemporary Political Thought
SOC 320 Radical Sociology
WORLD 340 Topics in French and Francophone Literature
A course may have a prerequisite that is not required for the minor, but is required prior to taking the elective course.
CRIT 498 Critical Theory Seminar3