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Dance Minor

Minor in Dance
Course Number and TitleCredits
THEA 210 Repertory Dance2
THEA 410 Repertory Dance2
THEA 212/412 Movement and Dance for the Performing Artist3
Ballet Technique chosen from:
THEA 112 Ballet I
THEA 213 Ballet II
THEA 314 Ballet III
Dance electives chosen from:
THEA 116 Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Technique
THEA 123 Modern Dance
THEA 125 Jazz Dance
THEA 205 Men’s Ballet Technique
THEA 223 Modern Dance II
THEA 225 Jazz Dance II
THEA 316 Advanced Pointe Technique Class
BIOL 107 Introduction to Human Biology or
BIOL 227 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
KINES 270 Applied Anatomy3
MUSI 100 Introduction to Music3
Approved Electives3-4