Environmental Studies BA

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies
Course Number and TitleCredits
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FW ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I3
FW ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II3
FC Foundations of Oral Communication3
FM MATH 143 College Algebra
FM MATH 254 Introduction to Statistics
FN BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology or
FN BIOL 191 Biology I: Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology
FN GEOL 101 Physical Geology
FN GEOS 101 Global Environmental Science
FA Foundations of Arts course3
FH Foundations of Humanities course3-4
FS ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics3
FS GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography or
FS GEOG 102 Cultural Geography
ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology or
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
ENVSTD 121 Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENVSTD 200 Environmental Approaches and Methods3
ENVSTD 300 Environmental Solutions in Practice3
FF ENVSTD 492 Capstone Seminar3
ENVSTD 493 Internship or
VIP 400 Vertically Integrated Projects
GEOG 360 Intro to Geographic Information Systems3
HIST 223 Introduction to Environmental History3
SPS 200 Careers in Public Service3
SPS 240 Playing with Public Data3
SPS 300 Communication in the Public Sphere3
Choose 18 credits from human and natural systems courses:
ANTH 306 Kinship and Social Organization
ANTH 312 Prehistory of North America
ANTH 314 Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 418 Research Methods for Social Scientists
BIOL 192 Biology II: Introduction to the Diversity of Life
*BIOL 304 Biology III: Foundations of Ecology & Evolution
*BIOL 323 Ecology
ECON 333 Natural Resource Economics
ECON 432 Urban Economics
ECON 474 Sustainability and Economic Policy
*ENGL 384 Literature and the American West
*ENGL 394 Literature and the Environment
EOHS 332 Drinking Water and Wastewater Management
*EOHS 336 Solid/Hazardous Waste Management & Emergency Preparedness
ENVSTD 498 Seminar in Environmental Studies
GEOG 321 Sustainability in the Anthropocene
GEOS 305 Global Climate Change
GEOS 370/GEOG 370 Volcanoes and Society
GLOBAL 304 Sustainable Futures
GLOBAL 330 Selected Topics in Contemporary Sustainable Futures
HES 400 Foundations in Human-Environment Systems Science
HIST 223 Global Environmental History
HIST 345 Animals in History
HIST 351 North American Environmental History
*PHIL 327 Environmental Ethics
POLS 409 Environmental Politics
POLS 434 Environmental Security
SOC 425 Urban Sociology
SOC 426 Rural Sociology
SOC 440 Environmental Sociology
URBAN 350 Greening Strategies for the City
URBAN 390 Urban Inequality
URBAN 410 Sustainable Cities
*These courses have a prerequisite that is not for the major, but is required prior to taking this elective course.
Upper-division electives to total 40 credits8
Electives to total 120 credits26-27
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